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Simplified Security for the Future of Work

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Remote Work Has Changed Cybersecurity Permanently

Securing your headquarters and branch offices is challenging. Securing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of endpoints used by your staff working from home is practically impossible – until now.

Introducing Overwatch Managed Firewall

Bring true network security and redundancy to your company’s hybrid work environment with Overwatch Managed Firewall.

Cloud-based Central Management System (CMS) that collects real-time network information about the network, including cellular and broadband data use by site, user and timeframe, intrusion attempts, Internet traffic records, estate-wide network status and much more.

Universal Edge Appliances from Mako Networks that merge a next-generation firewall and router with secure virtual private network (VPN), software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and 4G LTE wireless backup in a single solution deployed at office and remote sites.

Overwatch 24/7 Security Operations Center built on our AI-driven X Detection and Response (XDR) platform and managed by expert security analysts who monitor the Universal Edge Appliances and CMS and mitigate potential threats.

End-to-End Security Simplified

Whether you have 10 offices or 1,000 remote or mobile sites, Overwatch Managed Firewall delivers end-to-end security, managed 24/7 in an affordable as-a-service model.

Benefits of Overwatch Managed Firewall

Zero-Touch Installation

Installation is easy. We drop ship appliances to your sites. Simply connect them to the internet and they will automatically download roles-based templates from the CMS. Get up and running in as little as a day.

Roles-based Controls

Specify permissions for users based on their role or department using templates defined in the CMS. Easily modify templates globally, or instantly block access from certain templates during a breach.

Secure VPN Cloud

Connect remote sites to head offices, data centers or third- party vendors with our secure VPN Cloud. Link locations in seconds with fast, reliable connectivity across any combination of broadband circuit types.

Guaranteed Uptime

Our edge appliances have built-in secure SD-WAN, which supports traffic
prioritization and redundancy with multiple broadband options, including fiber,
Ethernet, DSL, cable and 4G LTE wireless failover.

Real-Time Threat Isolation

Through APIs and automation between our edge devices and Overwatch 24/7 SOC, bad ports and destination IP addresses can be blocked and content can be filtered across all network firewalls with literally the touch of a button.

Compliance Support

Complete cybersecurity involves risk
management including regulatory
compliance. Our solution offers support for compliance-bound organizations including PCI- DSS, NIST and more.

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Overwatch Delivers Cybersecurity, Simplified.

Overwatch by High Wire Networks simplifies cybersecurity by delivering end-to-end protections for an organization’s networks, data, endpoints and users as an affordable subscription service with predicable costs and no capital outlay. Customers get instant access to a scalable, future-proof security platform, including a 24/7 security operations center (SOC).

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