Smart Hands Services

Leverage Our Data Center Experts to Expand Your IT Team’s Skills, Geographic Coverage and Hours of Operation

Expert data center technicians from High Wire Networks are on call to manage on-site data center needs.

Today’s IT departments are bogged down by routine but critical data center maintenance like setting up firewalls, testing equipment, installing cabling and troubleshooting alerts. With these 24/7 demands, IT pros end up putting their revenue-generating projects on the back burner. With Smart Hands support, you can free up your IT team to do the high-value work that will impact your bottom line.

Smart Hands support is outsourcing the onsite management, installation and troubleshooting of your data center equipment to third-party IT professionals

What is Smart Hands Support?

Smart Hands support is outsourcing the onsite management, installation and troubleshooting of your data center equipment to third-party IT professionals. These certified and skilled technicians and engineers work with your remote team to perform many tasks that require an IT expert on site, such as receiving and deploying equipment; diagnostics and repair; and moves, adds, changes and deinstallation. Smart Hands can manage day-to-day tasks around-the-clock or large-scale projects like data center migrations.

Smart Hands support is outsourcing the onsite management, installation and troubleshooting of your data center equipment to third-party IT professionals

Why Choose High Wire for Smart Hands Support?

High Wire’s Smart Hands service builds on two decades of experience in network cabling services, data center services and networking solutions. Our experienced technicians act as an extension of your IT team, filling gaps in:

• IT skillsets – from networking and computing to security and more
• Geographic coverage – from local to global
• Hours of operations – from ad-hoc to around the clock

High Wire Networks is Your Trusted Smart Hands Partner. Count on us for:

Our tenured technicians and engineers are trained, certified and
experienced in deploying, managing and maintaining your critical infrastructure.

24/7 Service
We provide around-the-clock support with rapid response times.
That means we’re there when you need us most – even on nights, weekends and

Our team can handle any size job – from a server to multiple racks –
and any complexity – from logistics support and installation to troubleshooting
and replacement.

We execute work orders according to your direction and
technical specifications with required documentation and, if needed,

High Wire’s Smart Hands Services

Our Smart Hands technicians are proficient at a wide variety of data center services, spanning from your network’s cabling to your communications infrastructure.

Data Center Smart Hands Services:

High Wire offers a range of Smart Hands Services, including:

  • Cabling services
  • Hardware installation and configuration
  • Hardware testing and troubleshooting
  • Hardware power cycling and rebooting
  • Hardware replacement
  • Inventory management and labeling
  • Network circuit provisioning, configuration and testing
  • Power provisioning and testing
  • Rack and Stack Services
  • Logistics (shipping and receiving)
  • Software and Operating System installation
  • Systems Audits and Reporting

Do you need Smart Hands for your office technology? No problem!

High Wire Networks offers on-demand IT Installation Services for your office locations, too. Services include:

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Smart Hands FAQs

Many businesses lease data centers that aren’t near their physical offices. With Remote Hands services, third-party IT professionals are on-site to perform simple maintenance tasks like monitoring alerts, power cycling and rebooting servers.
The biggest difference between Remote Hands and Smart Hands is whether the complexity of the task and whether the technician must open up the hardware. So, Remote Hands can be handy if your needs are small, but Smart Hands can handle everything Remote Hands does and more. If your data center is extensive and your needs are high, then you should consider a Smart Hands solution. Remote hands services involve basic maintenance for your data center hardware. While remote hands services may vary, they typically include:
  • Receiving equipment shipments
  • Inventory management and labeling
  • Securing or moving network cables
  • Rebooting servers
  • Power cycling routers
  • Reporting equipment status
Many data centers offer remote hands services as part of the contract for a fee or at no additional cost.
Smart Hands services can be delivered proactively or reactively, depending on your budget and needs. In a proactive model, the tech team constantly monitors equipment and fixes issues to prevent outages. In the reactive model, equipment issues must be identified before they are resolved. While the proactive model requires ongoing management and is therefore more expensive, it also ensures greater uptime. The reactive model is more budget-conscious but incurs greater risk of downtime.

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