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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Q&A: Where Do Businesses Start ?

October Cybersecurity Awarness Month Video Q&A: With thousands of solutions in the marketplace, what suggestions do you have for businesses who aren’t sure where to start?

Risk vs Cost by Mark Porter

Value of Open in Open XDR

 What is the value for MSPs and MSSPs and their customers to leverage a security platform that supports open integration to “detect and respond” to every threat source? Here’s High Wire CEO Mark Porter on stage with Steve Garrison at Open XDR Summit from the RSA 2022 Conference.

High Wire Network Solutions

 Meet Dale Janisse, High Wire Solution Architect, who works directly with our channel partners to deploy network upgrades, network refresh, equipment installation, wireless networking, cabling, SD-WAN rollouts and other multisite tech rollouts. Hear what he loves about his job, the services High Wire delivers with our partners in 180+ countries and a success story […]

Overwatch Prevention Suite ( OPS)

How does Overwatch Prevention Suite change your managed tech stack? Consider a Zero Trust all-in-one solution to close security gaps for your customers’ remote workforce.

What does Overwatch Managed Security Deliver?

CISO Phil Burnett and CTO David Barton explain why managed service providers (MSPs) and IT Firms partner with Overwatch Managed Security to provide managed cybersecurity services to their customers of all sizes and in all verticals.

Overwatch SaaS Security

What’s the use case for Overwatch SaaS Security? We thought it would be easier to show you…

Overwatch CTO David Barton Answers Cybersecurity FAQs

CTO David Barton answers FAQs by MSPs and their customers: Where is Cybersecurity heading in 2022? Can MSPs do Cybersecurity on their own (DIY)? What’s in it for MSPs? and more…

How to Stop Ransomware Attacks with One Click?

Learn How You Can Stop Ransomware Attacks with our latest Overwatch Security Solution   Introducing Overwatch Ransomware Kill Switch. The latest security solution blocks all unnecessary network communications to or from any endpoint, reducing the threat risk across your networks – from home or remote workspaces to corporate campuses. -Why are current solutions not enough […]

How Overwatch Solves Your Cybersecurity Business Challenges

High Wire Networks CTO David Barton explains how Overwatch solves three major cybersecurity business problems.

Why Does Cybersecurity Require 24×7 Visibility?

Overwatch 24/7 is the centerpiece of High Wire Networks’ Managed Security Services Marketplace.  With an affordable subscription, our security experts monitor, detect, and respond to threats on your behalf, around the clock, delivering layers of defense for your clients.

Outcome-driven Cybersecurity

What outcomes can you (& your customers) expect from Overwatch Managed Security?

How Will Government Regulations Impact MSPs?

CTO David Barton on how government regulations will impact MSPs.

Why Has Cybersecurity Shifted to Open XDR?

The cornerstone of Overwatch Managed Security combines AI-powered Everything Detection and Response (XDR) technology with the expertise of the Overwatch 24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC) to effectively cut through the noise and drill down on real threats.  

Do all MSSPs offer a 24×7 SOC?

While some MSSPs offer 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), others don’t. One question we get from MSPs and IT Firms as they look to outsource managed security services is, “what difference does a SOC make for my clients?”

Overwatch 24/7 Monitors and Detects “Everything”?

Simplify your cybersecurity with vendor-agnostic Managed Cybersecurity Platform.

How Does Overwatch 24/7 Bring Value to My MSP?

How does Overwatch 24/7 bring value to your MSP? CTO DavidBarton offers this one-minute answer.

Overwatch 24/7 (SOC as a Service)

Having the right cybersecurity tools is important but how they’re managed is even more important. Are your tools giving you insight and visibility on a daily basis? Who is responding to alerts and managing the data?

For Over 20 Years High Wire Networks Delivers World Class Service Through Channel Partners

Our job is to make it easier for our partners to get work done for their customers. This is what we promise our clients:

High Wire Networks is Simplifying Technology Business

For 21 years High Wire Networks has been a go-to trusted partner because we GET WORK DONE!  

Do Your Customers Need a Wireless Networking Solution?

High Wire provides an easy-to-engage process and simplifies your service delivery needs.

What Makes High Wire Networks Unique?

What are HWNI’s three uniques? Easy-to-engage process Layered subject matter expertise Cost-effective and efficient For more information on High Wire services, email us at sales@highwirenetworks.com

SGSI Latest Business Update from CEO Mark Porter

Spectrum Global Solutions Inc. and High Wire Networks merger update from CEO Mark Porter.

Overwatch -Master Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Learn why MSP and IT Firms are counting on Overwatch Managed Security to provide managed cybersecurity services to their customers of all sizes and in all verticals. David Barton, Chief Technology Officer of High Wire Networks, and Philip Burnett, Chief Info Security Officer of High Wire Networks have come together to develop a marketplace of […]

Value of Overwatch + ExtraHop Partnership for Managed NDR

David Barton, Chief Technology Officer of High Wire Networks, explains the value of Overwatch + ExtraHop Partnership for Managed NDR ( Network Detection and Response)

Overwatch Managed Network Detection and Response ( NDR) service

David Barton, Chief Technology Officer of High Wire Networks, talks about Overwatch Managed Network Detection and Response ( NDR) service.  

Open- XDR Differentiator: The differences between EDR, MDR and XDR

In this video, David Barton, Chief Technology Officer of High Wire Networks, explains what XDR offers and why it is the best cybersecurity tool in the market.     Learn more about Overwatch Managed Security by High Wire Networks

Cybersecurity- How to Find the Right Partner

In this 28 minute video, Jeremy Cullen (former MSP owner and current Overwatch channel enablement specialist) sits down with CTO David Barton and CEO Mark Porter.

Overwatch Managed Security for MSPs in 60 Seconds

Why partner with Overwatch to co-manage security services? We explain in 60 seconds.

What Is A Next-gen SIEM/SOC?

Overwatch offers Open XDR – a next-gen SIEM platform. Hear CTO David Barton explains why there isn’t a better option for MSPs protecting their customers’ networks.

Two Truths and A Lie

Mark Porter discusses the misconception of cybersecurity in this 7 minute video for MSPs attending Robin Robins’ Fight Club Conference.

In This Together- Response to COVID-19

A message to our partners, customers and organization. While these are challenging times, High Wire Networks is still working for you.

Zero Trust Remote Access: A Better Approach to VPN

We take you through 6 short videos to explain why the Zero Trust model has recently emerged as an alternative, providing a better architecture for protecting sensitive company resources.

[Webinar] Are You Prepared for COVID-19, Cyberattacks, or Any Disaster?

High Wire Networks’ CISO Phil Burnett and CTO David Barton share the must-have plans and strategy behind any cyberattack or disaster.

Overwatch Aware: Fun, Security Awareness Training

Educate your employees on cybersecurity in an entertaining and engaging way, with short and engaging, video animations.

What is Open- XDR?

Overwatch Managed Security’s Chief Technology Officer, David Barton, explains why SIEM is outdated and how Overwatch partners and customers can benefit from XDR, Open Detection and Response.

Next-gen SIEM (XDR) Demo

What is the next-generation of SIEM and how does a 24/7 SOC manage the data?

Security Point Solutions vs Platform

There are 1200+ security point solutions out there that don’t work together. Where do you even begin? Start with one comprehensive managed security-as-a-service solution.

MSP Expo/Tech Super Show Interview w/ CEO Mark Porter

Rich Tehrani, President of TMCnet interviewed CEO Mark Porter about the growth of Overwatch Managed Security at the 2020 Tech Super Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

MSP Expo 2020 with Overwatch by High Wire Networks

From panels to presentations, the Overwatch team met with many MSPs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during the 2020 Tech Super Show.

What every MSP and Business Can Do Sans a CISO

You don’t have the budget to hire a CSO or CISO — So what can you do to protect your networks and data today?

MSPs: Easy Targets (who don’t have to be)

MSPs are primary targets of cyberattacks. They’re under attack! Is your network a gateway to chaos?

[Webinar] Incident Response Plan for 2020

CISO Phil Burnett shares the 3 must-haves in an incident response plan to ensure rock solid security for 2020.

Meet High Wire’s CISO

CEO and President Mark Porter sits down and talks with CISO Phil Burnett.

The Genesis of Overwatch Managed Security

High Wire Networks has been a trusted partners to VARs and MSPs for 20 years. In 2018, High Wire started Overwatch Managed Security, a best-of-breed cybersecurity platform as a service.

Overwatch: Cybersecurity Protection for Businesses of All Sizes

In this 30 second video, end-customers (enterprise and SMBs) learn about the benefits of leveraging a managed comprehensive cybersecurity platform.

MSPs: Bridge the Security Gap

Where do MSPs begin to become a trusted MSSP for their customers? The business transformation is costly, time consuming and requires cybersecurity talent that we all know is hard to find.

The MSP Cybersecurity Opportunity

Overwatch gives MSPs the opportunity to extend their brand and generate recurring revenue. A 30 second explainer video.

Converting An Historic Church Into HWN’s Headquarters

Our headquarters is inside a renovated, century-old church in Batavia, Illinois, about 40 miles west of Chicago. In 2018, we expanded our office from one floor to three, creating a modern, open-plan that lends itself to good collaboration and teamwork.

High Wire Networks’ Core Values

President and CEO Mark Porter shares High Wire Networks’ six core values.

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