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BLOG POST   |   11.01.2022
What Is a Network Operations Center? Who Needs It? In the IT world, delivering strategic solutions on an outsourced basis meets two critical objectives for VARs, MSPs, MSSPs, systems integrators, IT consultants, agents and the like— more revenue and happier customers. Network operations center (NOC) services are becoming an… Read more
BLOG POST   |   10.26.2022
6 Must-haves in Your Incident Response Plan to Combat Emotional Distress We are all aware that a cyberattack can take a heavy toll on an organization's financial and reputational status, but what about the emotional toll on the employees who have had to work through it? Recently, we addressed the human… Read more
BLOG POST   |   10.18.2022
High Wire Cybersecurity Awareness Guidelines "See Yourself in Cyber" - 2022 Campaign Theme Educate yourself and help spread cybersecurity knowledge, with the focus on “people”.   Four Things You Can Do:   [PODCAST] Privacy VS Security -How Access Will Be Defined Going Forward?   … Read more
BLOG POST   |   08.19.2022
The Complete Guide to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) With the exponential increases in cyberattacks and the shortage of cybersecurity expertise, it’s not easy for businesses to stay a step ahead of cyberthreats. That’s where Security Orchestration, Automation and Response, or SOAR, comes in. SOAR collects threat data, alerts… Read more
BLOG POST   |   06.02.2022
A Guide to Managed Cybersecurity: What is it? Who Offers It? In order to understand the power and importance of managed security services, we first need to look at today’s threatscape. It’s colored by runaway cybercrime so vast and omnipresent that if the cybercrime industry were its own country, it would… Read more
BLOG POST   |   05.23.2022
Everything You Need to Know about Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) It’s often said that cybercriminals never sleep, and neither does their malware. Against this backdrop of 24/7 cyberthreats, the security operations center (SOC) has emerged as a 24/7 solution to combat those threats. Combining the best of human and machine… Read more
BLOG POST   |   05.16.2022
MSPs in Cybersecurity: Why MSPs Should Offer Security Services Cybersecurity affects all businesses, not just enterprises and governments. It’s critical to be aware of the risks and monitor, manage, and mitigate them. Today, most companies are aware of today’s omnipresent cyberthreats but are woefully under-protected—especially small and medium businesses… Read more
BLOG POST   |   05.09.2022
The Ultimate Guide to Marketing and Selling Cybersecurity Services Cybersecurity. Just the mention of it can cause either panic or fatigue. As a data- and internet-dependent society, few individuals – and even fewer businesses – can function without it. Many customers don’t understand the nuances of cybersecurity. It used… Read more
BLOG POST   |   05.03.2022
3 Steps to Building an Effective Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Cybersecurity is not only about prevention. It’s also about response. Think of it this way: You need to lock your doors, but you also need to know what to do if and when someone picks the lock. That’s why it’s… Read more
BLOG POST   |   03.04.2022
MSSP Advisory: How to Help Your Clients Respond to CISA’s “Shields Up” Warning Russia's invasion of Ukraine holds the potential for far-reaching economic and business impacts, including cybersecurity. The threat is serious enough that the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released the "Shields Up" memorandum warning companies to beef… Read more
BLOG POST   |   11.25.2021
Latest Holiday Scams Business Email Compromise is on the Rise By Phil Burnett, Executive Vice President Security Operations and Chief Information Security Officer at High Wire Networks Several research firms, IT security investigators and intelligence sharing organizations are cautioning companies, shoppers, retailers, and major… Read more
BLOG POST   |   08.24.2021
Debunking Myths About Cyber Insurance In a recent episode of our Cybersecurity Simplified podcast, we talked about how the risks of ransomware are becoming too high for some cyber insurance companies. But the ramifications of this trend extend well beyond ransomware to include all cyberthreats.… Read more
BLOG POST   |   06.10.2021
How the Pandemic Has Left Internal Security Teams Stretched Thin (And What to Do About It) Even before the pandemic struck last year, cybercrime was on a meteoric rise. And along with it, increased cybersecurity risks to businesses of all sizes. Last year, the average price tag of a data breach in the U.S. was $3.86… Read more
BLOG POST   |   05.06.2021
Overwatch Managed Security Joins Fight Against Child Trafficking It’s a startling and sobering statistic: human trafficking worldwide has become a $150 billion a year industry with more than 40 million victims. Every year 300,000 children are sold by human traffickers. In the U.S. alone, 300 children are at… Read more
BLOG POST   |   12.31.2020
Why Should I Find a Partner to Provide Managed Cybersecurity Services? By: Jeremy Cullen, Overwatch Channel Sales Director Should I buy the security infrastructure and tools to build out your own security operation center (SOC) or find a partner that manages those tools for me? Cybercrime is on everyone’s radar, as… Read more
BLOG POST   |   11.05.2020
Best Practices on Emerging Security Technologies By Travis Ray, Director of Channel Sales, Overwatch Managed Security For managed services providers (MSPs) and managed security services providers (MSSPs), adding or improving security tools in your stack is time-consuming and often challenging. The evaluation process can be overwhelming, and the final decision has a… Read more
BLOG POST   |   07.14.2020
The Frightening Truth About TikTok Consider these risks. By David Barton, Chief Technology Officer TikTok, a very popular app that shares videos, is under fire – for good reason.  It seems, from the moment you install it, the TikTok app starts to gather massive amounts… Read more
BLOG POST   |   07.10.2020
Six Shortcuts to Help Managed Service Providers Educate Clients on Cybersecurity Every MSP should be educating clients on cybersecurity. If you aren’t, what are you waiting for? By Travis Ray, Director of Channel Sales, Overwatch Why MSPs Should Educate Clients on Cybersecurity: Every one of your clients has cyber-risks that need to be mitigated. Period. Some clients are… Read more
BLOG POST   |   06.04.2020
Is Your OOO Message a Security Risk? Are you providing too much information in your Out Of Office notifications? Details around your day or time of return, reason for absence, email signature, and alternative contact details may be a gold mine of useful information for hackers. This… Read more
BLOG POST   |   05.07.2020
You + Overwatch Equals Opportunity in Cybersecurity If you’ve been in the technology channel a long time, you’ve seen a lot of business models. For years the prevailing go-to-market strategy for equipment makers and service providers has been channel-friendly, but vendor-centric. Channel-friendly, but Vendor-centric For the vendor,… Read more
BLOG POST   |   04.27.2020
Four Things to Help Develop an Agile Workforce By Charles Hughes, Chief Operating Officer. This blog was published in CompTIA. “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”—Vince Lombardi “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”—George Patton… Read more
BLOG POST   |   04.20.2020
Big Companies Not Immune to Ransomware! By David Barton, CTO Over the weekend, Maze ransomware hit a very large IT services company, according to Bleeping Computer. In the past, this malware gained entry using different techniques: exploit kits via drive-by downloads, remote desktop connections (RDP) with… Read more
BLOG POST   |   03.31.2020
Secure Data, Protect Clients and Avoid Phishing in a Pandemic with High Wire Networks (Podcast included) “As with any disaster recovery, you first have to find out what is essential to your business that you have to protect. There’s a lot of control mechanisms, protection, monitoring, alerting. You also need to make sure people can do… Read more
BLOG POST   |   03.26.2020
Why Do We Need an Agile Workforce? By: Charles Hughes, High Wire Networks' Chief Operating Officer & CompTIA Guest Blogger In our global society, where the pandemic COVID-19 can suddenly wreak havoc in our marketplace, is your company agile enough to respond quickly and correctly to the… Read more
BLOG POST   |   03.02.2020
Achieving Workforce Agility Without Sacrificing Customer Experience By: Charles Hughes, COO, High Wire Networks This is the first in a series of three blogs on CompTIA', that will cover the basic fundamentals of leveraging a more agile workforce to reduce service delivery costs without sacrificing the customer… Read more
BLOG POST   |   02.11.2020
MSPs, Build Trust by Solving Clients’ Biggest Business Problem: Security MSP Today Q&A with High Wire Networks’ CEO Mark Porter Security is a business problem, not a technology problem, said High Wire Networks’ CEO Mark Porter in an interview with Erik Linasek, Editor of MSP Today.  He adds, that this… Read more
BLOG POST   |   01.13.2020
Simplify Compliance with New York’s SHIELD Act Overwatch Managed Security Checks All the Boxes The state of New York is tightening up data privacy and security rules with the SHIELD Act, which takes effect on March 21, 2020. The new rules have far-reaching-effects since any organization that… Read more
BLOG POST   |   01.11.2020
What Can We Do About the Cyber-Workforce Crisis? The cybersecurity workforce shortage is not hypothetical: According to the ISC(2) cyber-certification group, the size of the current workforce leaves a significant gap between the number of cybersecurity professionals working in the field (around 800,000 in the U.S.) and the… Read more
BLOG POST   |   01.11.2020
Privacy Laws in 2020: What to Watch For As we head into 2020, the debate over what tech giants do with private consumer information has reached an all-time high. As a result, new laws will fundamentally change how all companies handle customer data. Much of the legislative movement… Read more
BLOG POST   |   01.09.2020
The Key to Managing Millennials and Baby Boomers Guest Blogger: Josh Bode, High Wire Intern How can managers be more effective with employees across generations and best communicate with those from different backgrounds and generations? It is a common challenge today in the workplace that has managers scratching… Read more
BLOG POST   |   12.16.2019
2020’s “Most Wanted” Cybercrimes: Top 5 Security Threats to Watch Out for in the New Year Crime never sleeps – but it evolves. After a year marked ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) fraud and an increase in targeted attacks against companies of all sizes, 2020 has racked up a sizable list of cyberthreats to keep an… Read more
BLOG POST   |   11.04.2019
Does Your IT Staff Suffer from Patch Fatigue? And What You Can Do About It As the number of vulnerabilities found in software hits an all-time high, security teams are struggling with keeping on top of the patching process – i.e., updating software to apply the latest security fixes. In fact, last year, a whopping… Read more
BLOG POST   |   11.04.2019
6 Things You Should Know About XDR XDR is the new kid on the security block. And, it’s stealing all the attention from the popular, but older EDR. Before you start feeling bad about EDR’s fall from grace, keep in mind it’s the OG and deserves our… Read more
BLOG POST   |   10.03.2019
Overwatch Security Guide Read more
BLOG POST   |   10.02.2019
Beware! The IRS may not be the IRS By: Nick Pratt (Overwatch Security Analyst) and Ben Weerts (Overwatch Inside Sales/Marketing) As we approach the October 15 extension deadline, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is alerting taxpayers about a new email phishing scam. A spoofed IRS.gov link has led… Read more
BLOG POST   |   08.30.2019
ChannelPro Network Interviews Overwatch Joel Zaidspiner from The ChannelPro Network met with the Overwatch Managed Security team last month at ChannelCon by CompTIA  in Las Vegas.  He sat down with Josue Vargas, Overwatch's Director of Security Operations.  Why attend CompTIA and what makes Overwatch a great product… Read more
BLOG POST   |   08.26.2019
Overwatch Simplifies Cybersecurity Overwatch Managed Security, High Wire’s security service, attended CompTIA’s annual convention, ChannelCon, August 5-7, 2019, in Las Vegas.  Josue Vargas, the Director of Security Operations, was featured on a podcast hosted by Don Witt from the Channel Daily News.  Here's an excerpt of the interview. … Read more
BLOG POST   |   08.21.2019
Podcast: COMPTIA CHANNELCON – Special Feature High Wire, a global service provider, delivers Overwatch full service cyber security to SMBs through their Channel Partners. Read more
BLOG POST   |   06.13.2019
4 Steps to Effective IT Security Marketing 4 Steps to Effective IT Security Marketing If there is one advantage marketing IT security products, it is that you and your audience start from the shared perspective that taking steps to ensure the security of their networks and the… Read more
BLOG POST   |   06.10.2019
5 Signs that your End-Users Need a Security Service Boost In business today, digital security is one of the most important functions that any IT department is responsible for, and the weight of that responsibility is only growing over time. However, your end-users might not know if an element of… Read more
BLOG POST   |   06.06.2019
2019 Security Trends, and How they Affect your Customers In the wake of the surprisingly high volume of serious data breaches that hit businesses of all sizes (and impacted millions of consumers) last year, information security practices are already undergoing even closer scrutiny as many companies review their business… Read more
BLOG POST   |   06.04.2019
How to Market MDR Services to End- Users and Make it Click If the key to resonating with your intended audience can be boiled down to any one consideration, it is that you as a reseller have to be able to see things from your perspective (and current) customers’ perspective. This might… Read more
BLOG POST   |   03.11.2019
BLOG: Why you don’t want to miss this webinar By: Stan Herring, Director of Product & Strategy I'm excited about the seminar because it's an opportunity to share with our Partners in the managed security space, information based on observations from working with thousands of their customers each year.… Read more
BLOG POST   |   03.05.2019
WEBINAR: A New Paradigm for Service Providers Join us on March 21st at 1:00pm CST Subject matter experts from High Wire's Networks' Overwatch Managed Security Services & Seceon, Inc., developers of the aiSIEM Platform, will discuss these important security topics: The Changing Security Paradigm A.I., Machine Learning… Read more
BLOG POST   |   01.03.2019
The difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence in your security platform When one thinks of artificial intelligence or machine learning, the first place people often go to is science fiction--sentient computers, murderous robots, that kind of thing. They’re both very large subjects of study and discovery going back decades. There are… Read more
BLOG POST   |   01.03.2019
The 6 Key Ingredients that Make a High-Performance SOCaaS Solution It seems like hardly a week goes by without another high-profile data breach making the headlines. Not even data fortresses like Facebook seem to be safe, proving that even industry leaders make slip-ups that can lead to severe security compromises.… Read more
BLOG POST   |   12.10.2018
The core components of a proper cybersecurity offering for MSPs While today's technological advances have certainly facilitated the way many industries do business both locally and globally, it has also paved the way for cybercriminals to exploit weaknesses in the current systems, subsequently causing widespread security breaches or wreaking havoc… Read more
BLOG POST   |   12.10.2018
Security operations center: Build or outsource? Modern IT security teams have a challenging job, with a constantly evolving threat landscape, and the realization that only a single cyber attack has to be successful to have a devastating effect on any company. While this is true, many… Read more
BLOG POST   |   10.25.2018
October is National Cybersecurity Month. So What? Posted on October 25, 2018 by Susanna Song If you're wondering, so what? Keep reading. There's a reason why cybersecurity is no longer just a flashy headline or idea. Your SME clients need greater security measures Seize the opportunity to increase your bottom… Read more
BLOG POST   |   10.09.2018
Cyberattack: Criminals may already be inside your network Posted on October 09, 2018 by Stan Herring, Director of Product & Strategy As a savvy IT manager, you’ve methodically researched and deployed the very latest in firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint solutions to keep intruders out of your… Read more
BLOG POST   |   08.15.2018
Unseen threats to Maritime Security Posted on August 15, 2018 by Josue Vargas — Leave a comment Last month, COSCO or China Ocean Shipping Company, which is known as one of the largest maritime cargo players in the market received a nasty surprise, in the form of an email attack that spread… Read more
BLOG POST   |   07.23.2018
Are Your Vendors Secure? By Mark Porter, President and CEO of High Wire Networks Every day we hear about another large corporation with a data breach, or a large-scale ransomware attack, or a new router vulnerability.  The cyber world is a very scary place,… Read more
BLOG POST   |   06.19.2018
ATLANTA: When Security Planning Comes Too Late Posted on June 19, 2018 by Josue Vargas When the city of Atlanta came under attack by the SamSam ransomware on March 22nd, it was already too late—there was no emergency plan. By April, the city had spent nearly $2.6M in recovery and… Read more
BLOG POST   |   04.24.2018
RSA 2018: Now I know what I didn’t know I knew! By Stan Herring, Director of Product and Strategy Last week I attended the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco along with forty-seven thousand others looking for answers to the security problems we face as an industry. I realized that for… Read more
BLOG POST   |   04.10.2018
April: A Month of Cyber Tragedies By: Stan Herring, Director of Security Product & Strategy at High Wire Networks In the first 10 days of April we have been alerted to dozens of new cyberattacks.  Over 200,000 network switches made by the security vendor Cisco were… Read more
BLOG POST   |   03.15.2018
Hardware and End-Point Applications Not Enough By: Stan Herring, Director of Security Product & Strategy at High Wire Networks Today, we spend a significant amount of our work-life in a web browser. It’s overwhelming how fast companies have moved their infrastructure and applications to the public… Read more
BLOG POST   |   01.14.2018
Trust but Verify! When implementing technology around the world, it is important to be able to validate the quality of the work being performed.  At High Wire Networks, we are constantly looking for ways to leverage the very same technologies we deploy to… Read more
BLOG POST   |   01.14.2018
A Purpose Built Organization During a recent conversation with our Leadership Team, we were discussing how to organize our team in the most effective manner.  It's a pretty typical exercise we undertake every so often to make sure we keep our eye on the… Read more

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