Overwatch Cyber Warranty

The Cybersecurity Safety Net for Your MSP & Your Clients

Why offer your clients cyber warranty?

More than 8 in 10 organizations suffered more than one data breach last year. Yet only half have cyber insurance? And those that do, face long waits for reimbursement while their claims are evaluated, or they learn their incident isn’t covered!

As an MSP, how can you bridge the gaps without charging (or working pro bono) to clean up an incident that occurred on your watch?

Overwatch Cyber Warranty Services

Overwatch Cyber Warranty helps reimburse costs associated with remediating successful cyberattacks with plans that fit every budget.

A $500,000 Overwatch Cyber Warranty plan offers:


Toward ransomware and business email compromise protection


Toward compliance and regulatory failure protection


Toward business income loss protection


Toward cyber legal liability protection (after other guarantees are exhausted)

High Wire Networks makes it easy to enroll and collect on claims.

No Application
Toward ransomware and business email compromise protection

No Underwriting
Clients must adhere to simple security requirements. (See below).

No Waiting
Most claims are paid within 15 days.

Overwatch Cyber Warranty clients may qualify for highly discounted/below-market cyber insurance policies of $1 million+.

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Pair Cyber Warranty with Cyber Insurance

Overwatch Cyber Warranty is not cyber insurance but can be paired with cyber insurance policies, offering you and your clients a critical cybersecurity safety net.

Overwatch Cyber Warranty clients may qualify for highly discounted/below-market cyber insurance policies of $1 million+.

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Strengthen Your Security Stack

Overwatch Cyber Warranty is only available to clients that subscribe to the required cybersecurity services stack*, incentivizing them to upgrade. Plus, the warranty offers your MSP business the following benefits:

  • Increased Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Improved Return on Investment
  • Greater Differentiation from Competitors
  • Decreased Risk of Cyberattacks
  • Reduced Liability for Breaches
  • Lower Customer Churn

Enroll Clients Easily

The certified Overwatch Cyber Warranty stack must include Overwatch Managed XDR/EDR* and Overwatch Vulnerability Management*, plus the other requirements listed below that can be provided by you or your clients.

To understand if your client qualifies for enrollment, all required controls must have a solution in place.

Required Controls
Qualification Description
Overwatch Solutions
Industry-standard and up-to-date antivirus prevention tools installed on all endpoints.
Overwatch Managed XDR/EDR
PHI encryption and data backups must be in place.
Multifactor authentication on email accounts must be operational.
Commercially reasonable maintenance, including patches and updates, must be made within 60 days of release.
Overwatch Vulnerability Management
Overwatch Patch
Security Awareness Training
Security awareness training must be delivered to employees.
Overwatch Aware
Routing Info
Out-of-cycle wire transfers and invoice routing information changes must be verified and documented.
State and federal regulatory, privacy and security policies, such as PCI, HIPAA and SEC standards, must be followed.
Good Standing
Clients must be subscribers of your MSP service for the portion of their environment in which the event occurred.

Submit Claims Quickly

When a breach occurs:

  1. Notify High Wire Networks within 48 hours of the incident.
  2. Register your claim upon discovery for prior approval.
  3. Provide evidence of the system vulnerability or failed audit component discovered during remediation or proof that an affected endpoint was protected.
  4. Receive a check within 15 days.

Ready for Overwatch Cyber Warranty?

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