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The traditional perimeter-based security model is leaving corporate networks more exposed than ever to the threat of insider attacks. The Zero Trust model has recently emerged as an alternative, providing a better architecture for protecting sensitive company resources. Overwatch Zero Trust Remote Access (ZTRA) provides secure remote access for employees and 3rd parties working from anywhere, on any devices, without giving full access to your internal networks.

A Better Approach

Overwatch ZTRA instantly creates a new perimeter for corporate applications

  • Hosted and Accessed Anywhere
  • Quick Deployment & Complete Auditing
  • Protected & Encrypted Virtual Environment
  • Managed by Overwatch 24/7
  • Security Operations Center Provides
    Monitoring and Response

Key Scenarios – Secure Work from Home and BYOD

Overwatch ZTRA allows IT teams to rapidly enable secure remote access with security and compliance requirements met.

Data Encryption:
While allowing access to business-critical apps and resources, IT teams can transparently encrypt confidential data even on unmanaged devices.
No Internet Exposure:
Apps and resources are never exposed to the Internet
No 3rd Parties in Private Networks:
Unlike VPNs, 3rd parties or remote devices are never brought to private networks such as data centers.
Rapid Implementation:
In most scenarios, implementing a solution with Overwatch ZTRA can reduce the amount of work from months to days, and sometimes even to hours.

Bottom Line

Overwatch ZTRA provides fast, easy, and secure access to remote employees and 3rd parties that need access to critical internal systems. Our agentless approach removes the operational overhead for administrators for easier, quicker, and improved deployment while ensuring information security compliance.

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Overwatch Delivers Cybersecurity, Simplified.

Overwatch by High Wire Networks simplifies cybersecurity by delivering end-to-end protections for an organization’s networks, data, endpoints and users as an affordable subscription service with predicable costs and no capital outlay. Customers get instant access to a scalable, future-proof security platform, including a 24/7 security operations center (SOC).

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