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We deliver the right people with the right skills to improve business efficiencies for you and your customers.

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High Wire Networks extends from the most basic clerical functions to the most advanced engineering disciplines and executive positions for today and tomorrow’s innovative workplaces. Count on High Wire Networks experts!

Right People & Right Skills

We align our customers by placing the right people with the right skills into the right positions. Extend the capabilities of your team without adding personnel to your overhead.

Why Trust High Wire Networks

For more than 20 years, High Wire Networks has been the trusted partner for some of the largest technology and telecom industry leaders, providing highly skilled, certified talent.

Staffing Solutions to Align with Your Business Needs


Take advantage of High Wire Networks contract employment services. From entry level resources to C-suite to an IT department, support your business needs and systems for your internal users and clients, leveraging efficient finance modeling.

Managed Services

Deliver a comprehensive IT solution at a fixed monthly cost, supplying resources to meet established service level objectives (SLO). Leverage our Global Command Center services and Security Operations Center (SOC), along with our certified technical engineers.

Direct & Permanent Placement

Leverage our recruiting experts and established pipeline of candidates to quickly find your next full-time W2 employees.

Project Services

Assign our experts to successfully execute your projects, from single site to multisite deployments. Whether it’s planned or unexpected, High Wire Networks has the right people with the right skills to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget!

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