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BATAVIA, IL, April 19, 2018:  High Wire is pleased to announce the return of Kim Stoltz.  Stoltz joins the leadership team to manage six account executives and take on the key role of integrator. She will implement company-wide processes and align the goals of sales, operations, finance, solutions architects and marketing to carry out the company mission.

Stoltz comes to High Wire with a broad understanding of sales and operations processes. She worked in sales for 11 years. As a strategic account manager at CC&N: Communications, Cabling and Networking, she handled projects involving low voltage infrastructure, video conferencing, and wireless solutions.  Last year Stoltz earned 200 percent of her sales quota and closed at 168 percent the prior year.  She was also vice president of sales operation at Epiphany, a marketing software provider, for four years.

Stoltz is elated to be back at High Wire. She was the director of customer service and vendor relations from 2005-2007, albeit she wore many different hats. Her myriad responsibilities enabled her to build strong and trusting relationships with employees and customers.

“We are extremely happy to have Kim rejoin our team,” said president and CEO Mark Porter. “With her breadth of experience across all facets of the business and her in-depth understanding of the organization, Kim will help us make an immediate impact in our quest to provide the best solutions to the best clients.”

Porter and Stoltz respect each other. Stoltz will make sure Porter’s vision is carried out day-to-day, to give customers top-notch purpose-built services, using innovative tools to enhance their experience and outcomes.

“It made sense when he approached me,” Stoltz added. “I came back to High Wire for the right opportunity. I am excited about a role where I can implement Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS. It is right up my alley—detail-oriented, improving processes, understanding roles and executing a company vision. I can have my hands in all of that.”

Stoltz’s definition of a successful career goes beyond her impressive resume. At her former job, she used her platform to educate others. She teamed up with fire chiefs and inspectors in Wisconsin to speak at businesses and events about In-Building Public Safety Communications— to ensure radio signals can penetrate all areas of buildings for first responders dealing with an emergency.

Stoltz lives in Central Wisconsin.  She has been married to Steve for 23 years, has a son and step-daughter, and two grandchildren.

You can reach Stoltz at kim.stoltz@highwire


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