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Brute Force Botnet: Overwatch Experts Discuss

As Overwatch keeps a close eye on the recent Brutus botnet attacks that are impacting multiple industries, Senior Director of Partner Success Bob Roberts and Director of Security Engineering Aaron […]

Overwatch Update 3/25 – Brute Force Cyberattack

Overwatch Managed Cybersecurity continues to monitor the brute force cyberattack, as it impacts myriads of companies across the country. We are still seeing unique non-disclosed usernames being brute forced– the […]

Overwatch Cybersecurity

Happening Now: Cyberattack Using Brute Force Login Attempts

From the Overwatch Threat Intel Team:  Over the last 24 hours, the Overwatch Security Operations Center observed a wide scale and significant cyberattack utilizing brute force login attempts across multiple […]

Case Study: Overwatch Managed XDR and EDR Elevate Cybersecurity for Enterprise HVAC and Plumbing Distributor

Challenge: A New Jersey/Pennsylvania-based Managed Services Provider (MSP) discovered one of its largest customer, a multimillion-dollar enterprise supplier of home supplies, HVAC and plumbing, fell victim to a ransomware attack. […]

Why MSPs Need to Operationalize Cybersecurity for Their Business Clients

More than 5 billion pieces of personal information were stolen in 2021, according to IT Governance. With the record number of breaches, managed services providers (MSPs) and their business clients […]

Why Should MSPs Deliver Zero Trust Cybersecurity to SMBs?

Once reserved for enterprise-class networks, Zero Trust security is now a hot pursuit for smaller organizations, too. Two-thirds (64 percent) of midmarket firms and 21 percent of small and medium […]

IT Pros, Get Ready for Hot Summer Freebies at Channel Daze!

Join the IT Pro Party for Daily Giveaways! Feeling lucky? Channel Daze of Summer is here and starts today! High Wire Networks is thrilled to be one of 30 sponsors […]

I’m the CRO at a Master MSSP. Here’s How We Drive Revenue with SOAR

The MSSP landscape has changed. The bread and butter for MSSPs have traditionally been security asset management. However, MSSPs must now perform detection and response functions to remain relevant, which […]

You + Overwatch Equals Opportunity in Cybersecurity

If you’ve been in the technology channel a long time, you’ve seen a lot of business models. For years the prevailing go-to-market strategy for equipment makers and service providers has […]

SOC vs. NOC: Which One Do I Need?

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) are similar. They both exist to centralize network visibility and operations management. However, each has its own distinct purpose and goal. […]

When Your NOC and SOC Come Together

   What’s the difference between NOC and SOC? A security operations center (SOC) focuses on security and is responsible for identifying and investigating cyberthreats and responding to and mitigating […]


What is Security Operations Center (SOC) Framework?

Network security tools are growing in number and sophistication in order to respond to the cyber threatscape, which is growing equally as fast. This outmodes the idea of a single […]

How to Help MSPs Jumpstart Cybersecurity for Businesses

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the impact of cyberattacks. Average losses per incident are staggering: 2 Terabyte of  lost data 19 hours of downtime $1.06 million in recovery costs […]

E-channel News Interview High Wire Networks CRO Stephan Tallent

“It doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. Yes, it is complex situation. There is a way to better operationalize your customers’ security without rip and replace. There […]

Alphabet Soup in Security Operations: SIEM vs SOAR vs XDR vs SOCaaS

As cyberthreats have become more complex, so has the universe of tools available to combat them, including “unified” tools that condense and coordinate threat detection and response. Within this Darwinian […]

What is a NOC?

What Is a Network Operations Center? Who Needs It?

In the IT world, delivering strategic solutions on an outsourced basis meets two critical objectives for VARs, MSPs, MSSPs, systems integrators, IT consultants, agents and the like— more revenue and […]

6 Must-haves in Your Incident Response Plan to Combat Emotional Distress

We are all aware that a cyberattack can take a heavy toll on an organization’s financial and reputational status, but what about the emotional toll on the employees who have […]

High Wire Cybersecurity Awareness Guidelines

“See Yourself in Cyber” – 2022 Campaign Theme Educate yourself and help spread cybersecurity knowledge, with the focus on “people”.   Four Things You Can Do:   [PODCAST] Privacy VS […]

The Complete Guide to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

With the exponential increases in cyberattacks and the shortage of cybersecurity expertise, it’s not easy for businesses to stay a step ahead of cyberthreats. That’s where Security Orchestration, Automation and […]

Cybersecurity Partner Success

A Cybersecurity Partner Who Delivers Defense and Care-in-Depth

High Wire VP of Marketing Susanna Song Interviews Layer 7 Systems CEO Cory Russell Why did Layer 7 search for a managed cybersecurity partner? Our tools were not going to […]

A Guide to Managed Cybersecurity: What is it? Who Offers It?

In order to understand the power and importance of managed security services, we first need to look at today’s threatscape. It’s colored by runaway cybercrime so vast and omnipresent that […]

Everything You Need to Know about Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

It’s often said that cybercriminals never sleep, and neither does their malware. Against this backdrop of 24/7 cyberthreats, the security operations center (SOC) has emerged as a 24/7 solution to […]

MSPs in Cybersecurity: Why MSPs Should Offer Security Services

Cybersecurity affects all businesses, not just enterprises and governments. It’s critical to be aware of the risks and monitor, manage, and mitigate them. Today, most companies are aware of today’s […]

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing and Selling Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity. Just the mention of it can cause either panic or fatigue. As a data- and internet-dependent society, few individuals – and even fewer businesses – can function without it. […]

Cybersecurity Incident Response

3 Steps to Building an Effective Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity is not only about prevention. It’s also about response. Think of it this way: You need to lock your doors, but you also need to know what to do […]

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MSSP Advisory: How to Help Your Clients Respond to CISA’s “Shields Up” Warning

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine holds the potential for far-reaching economic and business impacts, including cybersecurity. The threat is serious enough that the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) […]

Crypto Mining Malware

Overwatch Managed EDR Shuts Down Crypto Mining Malware on Client’s Network

Earlier this month, Overwatch security analysts received an alert on a new client’s network.  The 24/7 security operations center had recently deployed the Overwatch Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) […]

Holiday Scams

Latest Holiday Scams

Business Email Compromise is on the Rise By Phil Burnett, Executive Vice President Security Operations and Chief Information Security Officer at High Wire Networks Several research firms, IT security investigators and […]

Security Operations Center

How the Pandemic Has Left Internal Security Teams Stretched Thin (And What to Do About It)

Even before the pandemic struck last year, cybercrime was on a meteoric rise. And along with it, increased cybersecurity risks to businesses of all sizes. Last year, the average price […]

Human Trafficking

Overwatch Managed Security Joins Fight Against Child Trafficking

It’s a startling and sobering statistic: human trafficking worldwide has become a $150 billion a year industry with more than 40 million victims. Every year 300,000 children are sold by […]

Why Should I Find a Partner to Provide Managed Cybersecurity Services?

By: Jeremy Cullen, Overwatch Channel Sales Director Should I buy the security infrastructure and tools to build out your own security operation center (SOC) or find a partner that manages […]

Mark Porter, President and CEO

Q&A With 2020 Channel Chief of the Year Mark Porter

Winner of Channel Chief of the Year at this year’s Channel Innovation Awards, High Wire Networks’ Mark Porter opens up on running a channel network during COVID and coming out […]

Best Practices on Emerging Security Technologies

By Travis Ray, Director of Channel Sales, Overwatch Managed Security For managed services providers (MSPs) and managed security services providers (MSSPs), adding or improving security tools in your stack is time-consuming and often […]

The Frightening Truth About TikTok

Consider these risks. By David Barton, Chief Technology Officer TikTok, a very popular app that shares videos, is under fire – for good reason.  It seems, from the moment you […]

Six Shortcuts to Help Managed Service Providers Educate Clients on Cybersecurity

Every MSP should be educating clients on cybersecurity. If you aren’t, what are you waiting for? By Travis Ray, Director of Channel Sales, Overwatch Why MSPs Should Educate Clients on Cybersecurity: Every one of […]

Is Your OOO Message a Security Risk?

Are you providing too much information in your Out Of Office notifications? Details around your day or time of return, reason for absence, email signature, and alternative contact details may […]

Four Things to Help Develop an Agile Workforce

By Charles Hughes, Chief Operating Officer. This blog was published in CompTIA. “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”—Vince Lombardi “A good plan violently […]

Big Companies Not Immune to Ransomware!

By David Barton, CTO Over the weekend, Maze ransomware hit a very large IT services company, according to Bleeping Computer. In the past, this malware gained entry using different techniques: […]

Secure Data, Protect Clients and Avoid Phishing in a Pandemic with High Wire Networks (Podcast included)

“As with any disaster recovery, you first have to find out what is essential to your business that you have to protect. There’s a lot of control mechanisms, protection, monitoring, […]

Why Do We Need an Agile Workforce?

By: Charles Hughes, High Wire Networks’ Chief Operating Officer & CompTIA Guest Blogger In our global society, where the pandemic COVID-19 can suddenly wreak havoc in our marketplace, is your […]

8 Best Cybersecurity Practices for Working Remotely

If you and/or your employees are working remotely due to COVID-19, please consider these recommendations. It is imperative we keep a vigilant watch over our networks and data during these […]

Achieving Workforce Agility Without Sacrificing Customer Experience

By: Charles Hughes, COO, High Wire Networks This is the first in a series of three blogs on CompTIA’, that will cover the basic fundamentals of leveraging a more agile […]

MSPs, Build Trust by Solving Clients’ Biggest Business Problem: Security

MSP Today Q&A with High Wire Networks’ CEO Mark Porter Security is a business problem, not a technology problem, said High Wire Networks’ CEO Mark Porter in an interview with […]

Simplify Compliance with New York’s SHIELD Act

Overwatch Managed Security Checks All the Boxes The state of New York is tightening up data privacy and security rules with the SHIELD Act, which takes effect on March 21, […]

What Can We Do About the Cyber-Workforce Crisis?

The cybersecurity workforce shortage is not hypothetical: According to the ISC(2) cyber-certification group, the size of the current workforce leaves a significant gap between the number of cybersecurity professionals working […]

Privacy Laws in 2020: What to Watch For

As we head into 2020, the debate over what tech giants do with private consumer information has reached an all-time high. As a result, new laws will fundamentally change how […]

The Key to Managing Millennials and Baby Boomers

Guest Blogger: Josh Bode, High Wire Intern How can managers be more effective with employees across generations and best communicate with those from different backgrounds and generations? It is a […]

2020’s “Most Wanted” Cybercrimes: Top 5 Security Threats to Watch Out for in the New Year

Crime never sleeps – but it evolves. After a year marked ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) fraud and an increase in targeted attacks against companies of all sizes, 2020 has […]

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6 Things You Should Know About XDR

XDR is the new kid on the security block. And, it’s stealing all the attention from the popular, but older EDR. Before you start feeling bad about EDR’s fall from […]

Beware! The IRS may not be the IRS

By: Nick Pratt (Overwatch Security Analyst) and Ben Weerts (Overwatch Inside Sales/Marketing) As we approach the October 15 extension deadline, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is alerting taxpayers about a […]

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