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RSA 2018: Now I know what I didn’t know I knew!

By Stan Herring, Director of Product and Strategy Last week I attended the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco along with forty-seven thousand others looking for answers to the security problems we face as an industry. I realized that for today’s small to medium-sized enterprises, securing themselves from all the different attack vectors can require […]

Transparency and Simplicity At Your Fingertips

By Mark Porter, President and CEO As I prepare to represent High Wire Networks at Field Service USA 2018 this week, and compete against companies like Siemens Medical Technologies for the Most Innovative Approach to Delivery Service Award, I thought it would be important to share the message with you. While it is nice to […]

April: A Month of Cyber Tragedies

By: Stan Herring, Director of Security Product & Strategy at High Wire Networks In the first 10 days of April we have been alerted to dozens of new cyberattacks.  Over 200,000 network switches made by the security vendor Cisco were hacked. This breach affects the critical infrastructure that underpins the internet and many internet service […]

Hardware and End-Point Applications Not Enough

By: Stan Herring, Director of Security Product & Strategy at High Wire Networks Today, we spend a significant amount of our work-life in a web browser. It’s overwhelming how fast companies have moved their infrastructure and applications to the public cloud. Private networks are being replaced with bigger bandwidth internet connections (SD-WAN). This modern-day paradigm […]

Trust but Verify!

When implementing technology around the world, it is important to be able to validate the quality of the work being performed.  At High Wire Networks, we are constantly looking for ways to leverage the very same technologies we deploy to improve the customer experience.  One of our latest service improvements is the ability to leverage […]

A Purpose Built Organization

During a recent conversation with our Leadership Team, we were discussing how to organize our team in the most effective manner.  It’s a pretty typical exercise we undertake every so often to make sure we keep our eye on the ball and don’t create barriers to our own success or put walls in the way […]