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The Working CEO – Episode 7: Outsourcing HR with CEO HR’s CEO Darrin Fedder

Most entrepreneurs start their businesses because they love something–cooking, building houses, making money! But they don’t love the HR overhead that comes with it. Our next guest started his business to take on the HR headache for other business owners. He’s either an angel or a glutton for punishment – maybe both! Meet Darrin Fedder, […]

The Working CEO – Episode 6: Win-Win: Putting Value in Valuation with Stephen LaMarche

 With more than 25 years of executive leadership, today’s guest has done it all — from sales to CEO at companies private and public, taking them from startup to scale. Stephen LaMarche is a visionary innovator with a proven history of building profitable, high-growth, high-performance organizations…and leading many of them through M&A. He balances […]

The Working CEO – Episode 5: You Are Where You Eat. Meet To-Dine-for-TV’s Kate Sullivan

 Food is the great bridge, spanning divides between cultures and people. And for Kate Sullivan, a four-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, it was the perfect entrée (pun intended) to connect with some of today’s most innovative, creative, and just plain exciting personalities over a meal at their favorite joint. She launched the popular multi-season […]

The Working CEO – Episode 4: Seeds of Change – Building a Social Enterprise with Galen Welsch

 How can a social enterprise have a lasting impact on the people it serves? For today’s guest, Galen Welsch, this question led him to co-found Jibu in 2012. Jibu works with developing nations to provide safe drinking water and other necessities through an innovative local franchise model. Galen’s achievements as Jibu’s CEO have been […]

The Working CEO – Episode 3: Going to the Dark Side – From Editor in Chief to Marketer in Chief

Going to the dark side is how journalists describe a career switch from truth seeker to spindoctor. Our guest today has made that journey from Editor in Chief for a leading tech magazine to Marketer in Chief for her own tech marketing firm. Stay tuned to meet Khali Henderson, Senior Partner at BuzzTheory, who will […]

The Working CEO – Episode 2: Meet the 7-Figure MSP – From CEO to Coach

When it comes to being a Working CEO, today’s guest Chris Wiser has “been there, done that” … building and selling a 7-figure managed IT services provider. Now he’s helping other IT entrepreneurs to do the same with his sales coaching firm aptly named, The 7-figure MSP. Stay tuned to this episode of the Working […]

The Working CEO – Episode 1: The End of Jobs with WorkMarket Founder Jeff Wald

We promised you straight talk and we’re not pulling any punches with our premiere episode of the Working CEO. We’re talking about the “End of Jobs” and how that impacts the top job … the Working CEO. Joining us today is Jeff Wald, serial entrepreneur and the author of the Amazon Best Selling book, “The […]

Who is the Working CEO?

In this episode, we’ll meet The Working CEO Mark Porter about his journey from beat cop to tech entrepreneur and now CEO of a publicly-traded global enterprise. And, more importantly, we’ll chat about why he wants to share what he’s learned with other entrepreneurs and working CEOs.

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