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In this special edition of Cybersecurity Simplified, host Susanna Song takes the global stage in Warsaw, Poland.

You may not always hear about cyberattacks or feel the immediate impact, but cyberterrorism is on the rise, targeting our very own backyards. Advanced Persistent Threats or APT attacks are crippling critical infrastructure worldwide, undermining public trust and elections, and spreading disinformation. In parallel, modern warfare today is no longer limited to the trenches on the battlefield, but AI and autonomous weapons and technology are on the frontlines with no  geographical boundaries.

How can we detect and respond quickly to cyber threats? How do you recognize disinformation and equip the human mind to distinguish the difference between “good versus

bad” information? How can users, businesses, and governments stay proactive and ahead of threats and incidents of compromise, and identify vulnerabilities before they exploit?

Join Susanna Song and her esteemed panelists for this 1-hour special of Cybersecurity Simplified.


Evanna Hu, CEO, Omelas and Nonresident Senior Fellow Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Artur Kuliński, Google

Gen. Mariusz Chmielewski, Polish Cyber Command and Deputy Commander

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