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As a savvy IT manager, you’ve methodically researched and deployed the very latest in firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint solutions to keep intruders out of your infrastructure. Perimeter defenses are good, but they are not enough in today’s cyber world.

We are all aware that cybercrime is one of the biggest threats the small and medium enterprise faces today. Last year nearly one million SMEs experienced a cyberattack.  While attacks on Fortune 500 companies are more well known, SMEs are subject to the same percentage of attacks. To protect their businesses, SMEs must be able to access proactive, time-saving and economical cyber security protection.

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Collapsing the Breach Detection Gap

Depending on your organization, cybercrimes and the investigation behind them, have traditionally been handled by internal IT departments. Considering the number and severity of these crimes against SMEs, it is important that the entire organization (every department, vendor, partner, employee- and yes even Executives) band together to combat these threats.

One of the biggest challenges in dealing with any cyberattack is timing. Cyberattacks often go undetected for weeks, months or even years. In the cybersecurity industry, we refer to this as the “breach detection gap” or “dwell time.” It is defined as the time that elapses between the time your business is breached and the discovery of the breach. The Ponemon Institute recently reported that the dwell time for malicious attacks has stretched to an average of 229 days. Imagine having a thief working in your business for that long, undetected!

Our traditional cyber defense solutions (firewalls and anti-virus software) are effective in identifying and potentially defending against known forms of malware and viruses that are attacking our businesses daily but they are blind to the new signature-less and zero-day malicious activity, as well as from threats from within the organization.

Smart SMEs rely on managed security service professionals (MSSPs) to provide Managed Detection and Response (MDR). MSSPs provide solutions such as Overwatch’s 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor your networks from the inside for malicious activities on a continuous basis, detect foul play and respond to mitigate the damage.

Overwatch Managed Detection and Response – Identifying & Stopping Threats Immediately

Overwatch MDR services utilize a combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning technologies along with expert human analysis. In addition, Overwatch goes far beyond traditional syslog collection and correlation. Event logs and signatures by themselves can’t provide enough visibility and detail for advanced threat detection. Overwatch incorporates Network Flow (NetFlow) capture to provide context and detail regarding user and device behavior to identify real threats, faster. Our artificial intelligence SOC platform also integrates up-to-the-minute threat intelligence from multiple international feeds to continually learn and immediately react to suspicious activity.

Easy Way to Protect my Business from Cybercrimes

Overwatch Incident Management and Response

Overwatch MDR goes far beyond just notifying your IT department when a problem is detected. The Overwatch aiSIEM with Machine Learning (ML) platform can, in many cases, automatically remediate a threat or breach. However, technology alone, is never enough in cybersecurity. At Overwatch we augment our AI and ML platform with hands-on, skilled human resources to investigate results, perform root cause analysis, and remediate or mitigate advanced threats.

Combating Cybercrime with Overwatch MDR

To sum it all up, most security strategies focus on perimeter devices like firewalls, or IDS/IPS and endpoint anti-virus software. Overwatch MDR concentrates on hardening perimeter systems and enforcing best practices and most importantly detecting threats that have penetrated the perimeter or were initiated from inside the network.

Cybercriminals are sophisticated and coordinated in their efforts to steal your data, disrupt your operations and damage your brand. It is time we join together and coordinate our efforts across your entire organization to combat them.

Based on this overwhelming challenge, it’s time for organizations to implement real-time threat detection and incident response capabilities that go beyond standard security screening and compliance requirements.

Overwatch MDR together with your local MSSP and your existing arsenal of cyber weapons will keep your business safe at a price you can afford. Take advantage of a free consultation with an Overwatch expert. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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