In the fast-paced, continually evolving landscape of privacy and cybersecurity, the need for legal and operational compliance remains constant.

So how do you build a legal compliance program for your digital operations to keep pace with ever-changing law?

A great first step is to listen to our next guest.

With a background as in-house counsel for some leading tech logos, Matti Neustadt knows what it takes to be a privacy preacher and cybersecurity crusader while staying current and compliant. In short – she’s an ideal guide to this new legal frontier.

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“We are living in a digital world…and cybersecurity is a fundamental baseline of human rights and civil rights in the digital world.”

-Matti Neustadt


“Privacy and security is an inalienable right in the digital world…the protection of who we are, what we say and what we do in the digital frontier.”

-David Barton


Meet the Expert

Matti Neustadt
Owner, Forstai Cyber Kinetics

Matti Neustadt is a trusted advisor for areas of privacy and cybersecurity legal compliance and operational compliance, data governance strategy, and incident response preparedness and management.

She has worked for some of the largest and most well-respected technology companies in the world, developing compliance solutions for public, community, and privacy cloud computing services, addressing specific compliance issues for European, law enforcement, and public sector customers and guiding clients through high-stakes security incident response situations. She has a strong a background in technology, audit, and law, including working for years as a supply chain quality auditor before focusing going into law and working in intellectual property and technology law.  She now provides risk-based strategic operations and legal advice designed to meet both legal requirements and global business demands for the high-tech sector.

Matti holds a BSc in Applied Physics from Purdue University, a JD from Lewis and Clark Law School.  She has been recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Women of Influence and as the Innovator of the Year (2021) for in-house legal practice.  She holds both CISSP and Fellow of Information Privacy certifications, as well as an award-worthy library of cybersecurity cartoons.

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