Chat GPT is the talk of every town, dominating tech conversations around the world. But like any AI-powered tool, it brings with it the good, the bad and the ugly. Is Chat GPT a blessing or a threat? A boon for business or the bane of our existence? A cybersecurity tool or a hacker’s weapon?

Our guest today is Aaron Martin, Overwatch Dir of Security Engineering. Aaron has many years of experience as a software architect and security analyst and is here to share his insights and predictions about ChatGPT’s impact on cybersecurity.

Stay tuned as we talk to Aaron about the ultimate “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” of chatbots.


About the Expert

Aaron Martin has been in the field for a decade starting as a software developer and eventually moving into DevOps and security. He currently serves as the Director of Security Engineering at Overwatch by High Wire Networks.

Prior to coming to HWN, Martin led the security architecture for cloud environments and Kubernetes/docker deployments for a Fortune 100. Since being at HWN he has led the overhaul to the company’s response capabilities via SOAR along with many other new and emerging technologies.


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