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High Wire Networks was awarded a contract worth in excess of $2.5 million to deploy a complex networking solution for a worldwide financial institution. The work on this project is confined to the Continental United States. This project will require a team of approximately 35 engineers and dedicated program management. The work is expected to begin immediately and the project will be completed by December of 2017. High Wire Networks is proud to have been selected to partner on this project. High Wire’s extensive history of successful large scale deployments was the primary driver in the contract award. “We’re extremely pleased to have the opportunity to deliver for our partner and their world class client on this vital core refresh project. We believe that if you want to deliver better service, you should find better customers, and we certainly believe that our client and their customers are world class.” Said Mark Porter, President and CEO, High Wire Networks, Inc.

To see how High Wire Networks can assist you with your service delivery needs, contact us at sales@highwire

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