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A dedicated team of High Wire project managers and technicians installed dozens of innovative, high-tech medical carts, on behalf of its reseller partner, to provide physicians the ability to communicate with patients off-site, from a remote location.

The medical carts required web cameras, touch screens, and central processing units with wireless that enable high speed teleconferencing. High Wire took the initiative to orchestrate a training simulation of the assembly process, to ensure maximum efficiency while on the job. High Wire’s channel partner relied on the team’s subject matter expertise and professionality in networking solutions, cabling, and wireless solutions, from start to finish.

The healthcare system lauded the successful completion of the medical carts at 26 sites in two states. Through the reseller, High Wire will now be the go-to service provider to maintain the carts but most importantly, High Wire will continue to drive results for this partner.

High Wire enables partners—resellers, distributors, managed service providers, telecoms, datacenters and systems integrators—to GET.WORK.DONE.  Contact our sales team at sales@highwire or 952-974-4000 to find out more about our services.

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