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Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 9: Automation: The Secret to Responding to Cyberthreats

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ve invited a Security Operations expert to tell us how automation is the new weapon in the war on cybercrime.

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High Wire Networks Expands Through Merger Agreement

Merger Enhances Service Offerings With More Than 250 Technical Professionals On Staff Spectrum Global Solutions Inc. (the “Company” or “Spectrum”) (OTCQB: SGSI), a single-source provider of next-generation communications network and professional services to telecommunications and enterprise markets, announces today the Company’s entry into a definitive agreement of merger (the “Agreement”) with High Wire Networks Inc. […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 5: Cybersecurity’s Most Wanted List

Cybersecurity is designed to stop or mitigate the fallout of cyberattacks. If it sounds like war, that’s because it is – only this one is 24/7 and the enemy is faceless. What we do know is a lot about their tactics. In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll go behind enemy lines and take a […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 4: The Nerd in the Basement and Other Myths About Hackers

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about who we’re actually up against in the fight against cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 3: The Newest Weapon in the War on Cybercrime- XDR

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll introduce you to the newest weapon in the war against cybercrime — Extended Detection & Response, or XDR.

Why Should I Find a Partner to Provide Managed Cybersecurity Services?

By: Jeremy Cullen, Overwatch Channel Sales Director Should I buy the security infrastructure and tools to build out your own security operation center (SOC) or find a partner that manages those tools for me? Cybercrime is on everyone’s radar, as the efforts of the bad actors continue to evolve.  From small business owners to executives […]

Overwatch Security 24/7 Spares Client from Ransomware

Overwatch Security 24/7 Monitoring and Response alerts the client about the malicious attack. A Managed Services Provider (MSP) out of California, whose network is monitored by the Overwatch Security Operations Center (SOC) based out of Batavia, Illinois, is open and in business today—and not recovering from a ransomware attack –  due to Overwatch’s comprehensive cybersecurity […]

Overwatch University: Cybersecurity Sales & Marketing (Open Registration)

REGISTRATION LINKS BELOW SECURITY603: Best Practices to Simplify Cybersecurity Marketing (Khali Henderson, Senior Partner of BuzzTheory and Former Editor of Channel Partners) 10 am Eastern, Thursday, 12/3/2020 5 pm Eastern, Thursday, 12/3/2020   How to increase MRR by effectively selling and marketing managed security services to your clients As a managed services provider (MSP), today’s […]

The Frightening Truth About TikTok

Consider these risks. By David Barton, Chief Technology Officer TikTok, a very popular app that shares videos, is under fire – for good reason.  It seems, from the moment you install it, the TikTok app starts to gather massive amounts of data tracking the users’ every move.  While their data practices are similar to other […]

Six Shortcuts to Help Managed Service Providers Educate Clients on Cybersecurity

Every MSP should be educating clients on cybersecurity. If you aren’t, what are you waiting for? By Travis Ray, Director of Channel Sales, Overwatch Why MSPs Should Educate Clients on Cybersecurity: Every one of your clients has cyber-risks that need to be mitigated. Period. Some clients are more aware of the risk than others, but overall cyber is still a new frontier; education needs to […]

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BCS ISIT Joins Overwatch Managed Security Partner Program to Deliver Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services to Businesses

Managed Service Provider to Offer Data Protection and Cybersecurity Compliance to Businesses in Financial, Health Care and Manufacturing Industries High Wire Networks, providers of the Overwatch Managed Security Platform-as-a-Service, announced today that BCS ISIT, a managed, professional and procurement services company, has partnered with Overwatch to deliver X Detection and Response (XDR) technology and 24/7 […]

High Wire Networks Adds XDR Expert and Cybersecurity Analyst as Technical Liaison to MSPs Delivering Overwatch Managed Security

Ryan Harrison Joins Overwatch Team as Senior Manager of Cybersecurity to Help MSPs Evaluate Threat Landscapes and Develop Cybersecurity Playbooks for Business Customers High Wire Networks, providers of the Overwatch Managed Security Platform-as-a-Service, announced today that cybersecurity technical expert Ryan Harrison has joined the company as Senior Manager of Cybersecurity for Overwatch. In his role, […]

Big Companies Not Immune to Ransomware!

By David Barton, CTO Over the weekend, Maze ransomware hit a very large IT services company, according to Bleeping Computer. In the past, this malware gained entry using different techniques: exploit kits via drive-by downloads, remote desktop connections (RDP) with weak passwords, email impersonation, and email spam.  In the majority of cases, when the phishing […]

Overwatch University: Get Security Smart for Free (Registration Links Below)

It’s no secret that the demand for cybersecurity expertise is high yet the talent pool remains low. That means security experts command top dollar. A career in security can mean a lucrative path from security analyst to information security manager with salaries ranging 15-20% higher than the average salary of an IT infrastructure analyst. These […]

3 Steps to Building an Effective Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity is not only about prevention, it’s about response. Think of it this way: You need to lock your doors, but you also need to know what to do if and when someone picks the lock. That’s why it’s critical to have a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan. What exactly is a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan? […]

8 Best Cybersecurity Practices for Working Remotely

If you and/or your employees are working remotely due to COVID-19, please consider these recommendations. It is imperative we keep a vigilant watch over our networks and data during these precarious times. 1.      Require up-to-date firewalls and anti-malware on all devices, including cell phones and tablets. 2.      Ensure all Internet connections are secure. 3.    […]

MSP Customer Mistakenly Think Their Security is Included

But They Can Be with Managed Security Platform as a Service Businesses are becoming more aware of cybersecurity risks. At this point, they know enough to be dangerous … literally. They understand that they don’t know what they don’t know and have outsourced management of their IT systems and networks to a managed services provider […]

High Wire Networks Supports Global Delivery of Overwatch Managed Security Services with New International Data Center

Guernsey-based Facility Boosts Availability, Georedundancy & GPDR Compliance for Businesses Around the World. High Wire Networks, a leading provider of managed security services based in Chicago, announced today the addition of a new international data center in Guernsey, British Isles, to support the delivery of High Wire Network’s Overwatch managed security services globally. Through a […]

MSPs, Build Trust by Solving Clients’ Biggest Business Problem: Security

MSP Today Q&A with High Wire Networks’ CEO Mark Porter Security is a business problem, not a technology problem, said High Wire Networks’ CEO Mark Porter in an interview with Erik Linasek, Editor of MSP Today.  He adds, that this is true both for MSPs and their clients. Security is no longer optional, said Porter, […]

High Wire Networks Introduces Overwatch 24/7 as Cornerstone for Overwatch Managed Security Platform as a Service

Solution Goes Beyond SIEM, Combining XDR Technology & 24/7 Security Operations Center as a Service to MSPs and Their Clients High Wire Networks a leading global technical field, professional and cybersecurity services company, today at MSP Expo introduced Overwatch 24/7, the cornerstone of the Overwatch Managed Security Platform as a Service. Overwatch 24/7 combines X […]

What Can We Do About the Cyber-Workforce Crisis?

The cybersecurity workforce shortage is not hypothetical: According to the ISC(2) cyber-certification group, the size of the current workforce leaves a significant gap between the number of cybersecurity professionals working in the field (around 800,000 in the U.S.) and the number needed to keep organizations safe. “In the U.S., the cybersecurity workforce gap is nearly […]

2020’s “Most Wanted” Cybercrimes: Top 5 Security Threats to Watch Out for in the New Year

Crime never sleeps – but it evolves. After a year marked ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) fraud and an increase in targeted attacks against companies of all sizes, 2020 has racked up a sizable list of cyberthreats to keep an eye on. Here is our list of the 2020’s Top 5 “Most Wanted” Cyberthreats: Mobile […]

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6 Things You Should Know About XDR

XDR is the new kid on the security block. And, it’s stealing all the attention from the popular, but older EDR. Before you start feeling bad about EDR’s fall from grace, keep in mind it’s the OG and deserves our respect. That’s because XDR is building on EDR’s hard-won reputation. Without EDR, there’d be no […]

Beware! The IRS may not be the IRS

By: Nick Pratt (Overwatch Security Analyst) and Ben Weerts (Overwatch Inside Sales/Marketing) As we approach the October 15 extension deadline, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is alerting taxpayers about a new email phishing scam. A spoofed IRS.gov link has led taxpayers to a bogus web page where they have been prompted to download malware. The […]

High Wire Networks Adds Strategic International Partner to Offer Cybersecurity Outside of the U.S.

West Sealand Digital to Sell the Overwatch Managed Security Platform-as-a-Service to SMBs in EMEA Countries  CHICAGO & GUERNSEY – September 17, 2019 – High Wire Networks, a leading provider of managed security services based in Chicago, entered into a strategic partnership with West Sealand Digital (WSD), a managed security service provider (MSSP) based in Guernsey, […]

ChannelPro Network Interviews Overwatch

Joel Zaidspiner from The ChannelPro Network met with the Overwatch Managed Security team last month at ChannelCon by CompTIA  in Las Vegas.  He sat down with Josue Vargas, Overwatch’s Director of Security Operations.  Why attend CompTIA and what makes Overwatch a great product for MSPs and VARs in the IT channel?  High Wire Networks has been around for […]

Overwatch Simplifies Cybersecurity

Overwatch Managed Security, High Wire’s security service, attended CompTIA’s annual convention, ChannelCon, August 5-7, 2019, in Las Vegas.  Josue Vargas, the Director of Security Operations, was featured on a podcast hosted by Don Witt from the Channel Daily News.  Here’s an excerpt of the interview.  How is High Wire Network’s relationship with CompTIA and what are some of the reasons why you attended Channelcon recently?   It’s all […]

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