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Today, a U.S. distributor of automotive components is delivering quicker and enhanced services, due to the hardworking team of project managers and technicians at High Wire Networks. The initial project scope— cable remediation at 31 distribution facilities— quickly more than doubled in size. The end-user received an entirely new wireless infrastructure.  But it was indeed High Wire’s customer who came out on top—leveraging High Wire’s services to recognize revenue faster and to ensure the project’s timely and successful execution.

The mounting tasks required a team of dedicated High Wire experts and High Wire’s advanced service toolset to complete video checkouts and streamline tickets. Despite the evolving customer requests and additional scopes, High Wire delivered above expectations. The customer, at times, was in jeopardy of missing hard deadlines. But High Wire’s quick response and adaptability allowed the customer to hit every target date and created a pathway for the customer to transition into its large, managed service contract. Through it all, High Wire’s exceptional project managers won the trust of the customer.

The auto parts distributor is now able to provide a fully integrated distribution, warehousing, sales and delivery solution. High Wire installed numerous network devices (firewalls, switches, patch panels, UPS) and access points to cover all aisles of the warehouses, ensuring better bandwidth and throughput.

You can count on High Wire. We enable our partners to GET.WORK.DONE for their customers.  If you need an experienced team to drive results, email us at: sales@highwire or call us at 952.974.4000.

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