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BATAVIA, IL, June 7, 2018: When you arrive at the intersection of Lincoln and Houston Streets in downtown Batavia, you can’t miss the tall, brown brick building with a steep triangular roof and stained-glass windows. If you think it resembles a church, you’re right. This building in fact was a church. It was once the historic, Swedish Covenant Church which anchored the near westside neighborhoods of Batavia. Today, this building is called the Lincoln Atrium Business Center.

Since 2017, High Wire has leased the first of the three floors. It has been home base. It is also where we staff the Customer Service 24-hour Call Center, a branch of High Wire’s On-Demand Reactive Service. The open layout, with side conference rooms, provides project managers and account executives space to do their work individually or as a team.

Earlier this month, High Wire decided to expand—literally, up two floors. The Company leased the second and third floors of the building. One of the factors for this expansion was to make room for High Wire’s new Security Operations Center (SOC). Soon, security analysts will fill the space to monitor, detect and respond to cybercrimes for our customers who can white label our SOCaaS.

Right now, the renovations led by Ruth Masley, director of technology and customer experience, is in its demolition phase. Over the next few weeks, crews will install necessary wiring and WiFi (hey, sounds familiar!) as well as refinish the floors, paint the walls, and replace light fixtures. The space in this historic building is phenomenal, with a beautiful two-story window atrium and large arched windows with ethereal stained-glass art. This should give us a fair amount of natural lighting.

There’s more to come on the renovations, including plans for interior designing. Follow us as we document the different phases. We’re thankful for our loyal customers who have trusted us for nearly 20 years and relied on our services to GET.WORK.DONE.

Learn more about the exciting changes at High Wire and the services we provide at or email us at sales@highwire

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