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One week ahead of its deadline, High Wire completed a wireless deployment at 84 locations across the U.S. and Canada, surpassing the customer’s expectations. High Wire removed and replaced wireless access points and power over Ethernet injectors (POE) at various warehouses and offices, to improve the manufacturer’s network and optimize business functionality. Prior to the installation, field technicians located APs for the impending swap. During the deployment, High Wire’s account team worked closely with the customer and diesel engine manufacturer. At every site, High Wire tested the network to make sure the wireless configurations operated correctly.

The successful deployment lasted seven weeks, one week sooner than expected.  Lori Mendolia, High Wire’s project manager, accommodated schedule changes throughout the deployment from re-arranging dispatch times to removing and adding sites. The customer praised her efforts saying she quickly corrected the few tech issues.  They went on to thank Mendolia for her “hard work, dedication, and continual communication.”

High Wire has installed wireless networks in more than a hundred countries. Leverage our infrastructure capabilities and provide your customers an easy to purchase, “turn key” solution. Email us at sales@highwire or call us at 952-974-4000.

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