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Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 27: CODA Intelligence for Vulnerability Management

In the cybersecurity war, there are no rules. The enemy has upped their game with more frequent and destructive attacks. What can you do? Take your cybersecurity defense to the next level. Stay ahead of evolving threats with vulnerability management. In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about how to go from reactive to […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 26: MSPs or MSSPs – What’s the Difference?

Cyberthreats are not only increasing but evolving. Keeping up is more than a full-time job. That’s why many business owners and IT leaders turn to cybersecurity experts. Should they be looking for MSPs or MSSPs? What’s the difference? Today’s guest has some deep thoughts about this and other pressing cybersecurity questions. In this episode of […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 25: Living on the Edge with John Peterson, Inventor of ZTEdge

Living on the edge means taking on risk, and that’s exactly what today’s special guest has done when it comes to network security. Instead of accepting the risks, he’s faced them head on to make living (and working) on the network edge safer for all of us. Stay tuned. In this special edition of Cybersecurity […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 24: Defending a Vanishing Perimeter w/ Overwatch Prevention Suite

In our last episode, we talked about why cybersecurity prevention is back in style. With remote work and mobile devices pushing critical workloads to the edge of the corporate network, Zero-Trust Access is now the holy grail. But it’s easier said than done. In this special edition of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about how High […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 23: Cybersecurity Prevention is Back in Style

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – this tried-and-true advice was the guiding principle behind cybersecurity for years. But when the likelihood of being breached became all but certain, cybersecurity pros shifted their focus to threat detection and response. With the increasing success of cyberattacks, prevention is back in style. In […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 22: FBI Files – Cybersecurity Stories from an FBI Agent

Cybersecurity is a growing national security and economic security imperative for the U.S. government. And the FBI is on the front lines as the lead federal agency investigating cyber-attacks. The bureau works to unmask cybercriminals, wherever they are. In this special edition of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll open up the FBI files on cybersecurity with an […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 21: Ask an MSP: What’s the Best Security Strategy – Build or Buy?

Build or buy. Insource or outsource. DIY or DIFY. This debate is one business leaders have over many functions – from marketing to accounting to HR. When it comes to cybersecurity, the decision is infinitely more critical. You need highly specialized expertise and expensive technology, running 24/7 to stay ahead of an evolving and persistent […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 20: What’s Up with the Ramp Up in Cybersecurity Regulation?

With Solarwinds, Colonial Pipeline and a rash of other alarming breaches, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity regulation is ramping up. In May, President Biden signed an Executive Order “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.” And, now there are more than 130 bills making their way through Congress. That’s only taking into account what’s going on at the […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 19: How to Stop Ransomware in its Tracks

Cybercriminals are getting rich by literally holding corporate data and networks hostage. These so-called ransomware attacks are on the rise because they work. They’re hard to detect and almost impossible to stop. In 2021 Ransomware damages worldwide are projected to be $20 billion. That’s 57 times more than they were in 2015, says Cybersecurity Ventures. […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode18: How to Get Job Security with a Career in Cybersecurity

Good help is hard to find. That’s especially true in cybersecurity. We need 3 million cybersecurity professionals to close the talent gap, according to the 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study conducted by (ISC)2. The shortage means security skills are in high demand, creating opportunities for those who are willing to learn. In this episode of Cybersecurity […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep.17: EDR: Reducing the Risk of “Anywhere Work”

Cloud-enabled anywhere work has been a boon to businesses of all sizes — improving productivity and, frankly, keeping companies up and running during COVID. It’s also been a bonanza for cybercriminals, extending their attack surface to a greater number of endpoints – beyond servers and workstations to laptops, tablets, smartphones and even IoT devices. What […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep.16: How to Unlock End-to-End Security with Open XDR

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep.15: The Case for Managed Security Services

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll discuss the case for managed security services.

Cybersecurity Simplified-Ep.14: Why It’s Time for a Patch Management Makeover

Fixing software bugs is critical to keeping bad actors out. It’s a continuous process called Patch Management. While its purpose is to keep systems up to date, the practice itself has not kept up with the times.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 13: Is the Risk of Ransomware too High for Cyber Insurance?

Recently, some cyber insurance companies have switched sides in the debate, refusing to reimburse ransomware payments to cybercriminals. In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll discuss this trend and what it means for the future of cybersecurity risk strategies.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 12: Ransomware is Booming – What Businesses Need to Know

You see it in the headlines every day— ransomware attacks disrupting businesses and the economy in a broader sense.  2020 was a bad year for ransomware attacks. 2021 is already shaping out to be way worse.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep.11: The New Hybrid Workplace is the Next Security Headache

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll discuss why the New Hybrid Workplace is the Next Security Headache and what to do about it.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode10: Cybersecurity is Not Just an IT Problem, It’s a Business Problem

 Cybersecurity is an IT issue, to be managed by the IT department. Right?  Our guest on Cybersecurity Simplified, Mark Porter, CEO at High Wire Networks, will explain that’s only half true.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 9: Automation: The Secret to Responding to Cyberthreats

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ve invited a Security Operations expert to tell us how automation is the new weapon in the war on cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 8: Breaking Down the SolarWinds Security Breach

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll get past the headlines and break down the SolarWinds Security breach.  

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 7: Why is Cybercrime Surging in the Coronaverse?

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about cybercrime, the increased risk of remote work and what you can do to minimize it.  

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 6: Accessories to Cybercrime a.k.a. Your Team

Believe it or not – your employees are the primary accessories to cybercrime. In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about how your employees are unwittingly putting your business at risk and some simple steps to stop it.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 5: Cybersecurity’s Most Wanted List

Cybersecurity is designed to stop or mitigate the fallout of cyberattacks. If it sounds like war, that’s because it is – only this one is 24/7 and the enemy is faceless. What we do know is a lot about their tactics. In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll go behind enemy lines and take a […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 4: The Nerd in the Basement and Other Myths About Hackers

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about who we’re actually up against in the fight against cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 3: The Newest Weapon in the War on Cybercrime- XDR

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll introduce you to the newest weapon in the war against cybercrime — Extended Detection & Response, or XDR.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 2: What is a Security Operations Center & Why Do I Need One?

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll explain what a 24/7  Security Operations Center is and why you need one.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 1: What Exactly is Cybersecurity, Anyway?

In this premiere episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’re going to tackle the foundational question: What is Cybersecurity?

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