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Cybersecurity Simplified Episode 48 – Why You Should Care About the NIST 2.0 Launch

We’ve got big news in the world of cybersecurity for you all today! The National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, just issued version 2.0 of its Cybersecurity Framework, […]

Cybersecurity Simplified Episode 47 – Why Reinforce MDR with Zero-Trust Microsegmentation

If a thief or vandal breaks into your house by picking the front door lock, they can take or break anything and everything in your home. But what if every […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 46 – Beyond Prevention, Detection & Response: It’s Time for Proactive Security

When it comes to cybersecurity, most businesses focus on prevention and detection. That sounds reasonable, but today’s guest — a former CIA hacker, presidential cybersecurity commissioner and Air Force Cyber […]

Cybersecurity Simplified- Episode 45- The Cyber Queen’s Untraditional Rise & Mission

On episode 45 of Cybersecurity Simplified, our guest, Amber Devilbiss, shares her path to stardom, from a college drop out to a now successful cybersecurity and technology author, practitioner and […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 44 Show me the Money — Ransomware Attacks Hit Las Vegas Casino Giants

It’s been all over the news— casino giants MGM and Caesar’s were victims of a massive cyber-attack this past week. With such high-profile cybersecurity news, you know that co-hosts of […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 43 What’s Making Cybersecurity Headlines

Cybersecurity threats make headlines daily. It’s hard to keep up – unless it’s your job like it’s ours at High Wire Networks. Our  team meets daily to review the top […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 42 Chat GPT The Good, Bad & Ugly

   Chat GPT is the talk of every town, dominating tech conversations around the world. But like any AI-powered tool, it brings with it the good, the bad and […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 41 IoMT Security: Are Connected Devices Making Your Network Sick?

 The adoption of connected devices in medical practices and hospitals is rising quickly, improving operational efficiencies but also exposing networks to viruses and other threats. Our guest today is […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 40 Legal Compliance in the Digital Age

 In the fast-paced, continually evolving landscape of privacy and cybersecurity, the need for legal and operational compliance remains constant. So how do you build a legal compliance program for […]

Cybersecurity Simplified-Episode 39 Network Security: Trends to Watch from an OG CISO

 What’s next for network security? Who better to ask than the expert who’s helped define the space since 1985? Our next guest started his career developing security solutions at […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 38 Operationalizing Cybersecurity with Mark Porter

 Cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions are critical … but a successful cybersecurity strategy needs a more holistic approach. What does it mean to fully operationalize cybersecurity for your organization? Today on […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 37 Cyber Warranty: Next Generation Cyber Insurance Solution

 Over and above layering solutions to detect and protect against a cyberattack, many companies also buy extra protection with cyber insurance to help them recover from a loss. But […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 36: What a Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity Strategy Entails

 Can the difference between a healthy, growing managed security services business and a stagnant one lie in a simple methodology? In episode 36, we invite Ryan O’Hara, CEO of […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 35: The Science and Art of Forecasting Risk

   Who is Alan Turing? In his short lifetime, Alan Turing invented the computer on paper in the 1930s. Turing proved mathematically that it was possible to put symbols […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 34: Logging Back On– Helping Employees Recover From a Cyberattack

 We’re all well aware that a cyberattack can take a heavy toll on an organization’s financial and reputational status, but what about the emotional toll on the employees who’ve […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 33: Unauthorized – How Access Will Be Defined Going Forward

 “Unauthorized access” sounds like a line from the classic 1980s movie, Wargames. And you might be surprised to learn that the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act, or CFAA, was […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 32: “A Career in Security – Where do you Start?”

 It isn’t lost to us here at Cybersecurity Simplified that many of you listen and watch because you have a keen interest in cybersecurity work… you want to make […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep. 31: On the Front Lines with the DoD’s New Cybersecurity Certification

 Our next guest has spent his career designing and building strong defenses, literally and technically. First, serving for more than 28 years in active-duty military and now as a […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 30: Riding the Cyber Trails with Cyber Rancher Allan Alford

 What do cybersecurity and ranching have in common? A bit of wrangling, a lot of bull and CISO Allan Alford, host of the Cyber Ranch podcast. Allan’s 20-year cybersecurity […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 29: Keeping Medical Networks Healthy with Good Cyber Hygiene

If it isn’t enough that hospitals have been overrun with Covid patients during the pandemic, they also have been targeted by cybercriminals. Many have even been forced to cancel vital […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 28: Take Managed Security to a Higher Level with SOAR

Cybercriminals are escalating their attacks. What can you do? Take managed security to a higher level with SOAR – Security Orchestration, Automation and Response. In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 27: CODA Intelligence for Vulnerability Management

In the cybersecurity war, there are no rules. The enemy has upped their game with more frequent and destructive attacks. What can you do? Take your cybersecurity defense to the […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 26: MSPs or MSSPs – What’s the Difference?

Cyberthreats are not only increasing but evolving. Keeping up is more than a full-time job. That’s why many business owners and IT leaders turn to cybersecurity experts. Should they be […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 25: Living on the Edge with John Peterson, Inventor of ZTEdge

Living on the edge means taking on risk, and that’s exactly what today’s special guest has done when it comes to network security. Instead of accepting the risks, he’s faced […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 24: Defending a Vanishing Perimeter w/ Overwatch Prevention Suite

In our last episode, we talked about why cybersecurity prevention is back in style. With remote work and mobile devices pushing critical workloads to the edge of the corporate network, […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 23: Cybersecurity Prevention is Back in Style

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – this tried-and-true advice was the guiding principle behind cybersecurity for years. But when the likelihood of being breached became […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 22: FBI Files – Cybersecurity Stories from an FBI Agent

Cybersecurity is a growing national security and economic security imperative for the U.S. government. And the FBI is on the front lines as the lead federal agency investigating cyber-attacks. The […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 21: Ask an MSP: What’s the Best Security Strategy – Build or Buy?

Build or buy. Insource or outsource. DIY or DIFY. This debate is one business leaders have over many functions – from marketing to accounting to HR. When it comes to […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 20: What’s Up with the Ramp Up in Cybersecurity Regulation?

With Solarwinds, Colonial Pipeline and a rash of other alarming breaches, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity regulation is ramping up. In May, President Biden signed an Executive Order “Improving the […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 19: How to Stop Ransomware in its Tracks

Cybercriminals are getting rich by literally holding corporate data and networks hostage. These so-called ransomware attacks are on the rise because they work. They’re hard to detect and almost impossible […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode18: How to Get Job Security with a Career in Cybersecurity

Good help is hard to find. That’s especially true in cybersecurity. We need 3 million cybersecurity professionals to close the talent gap, according to the 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study conducted […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep.17: EDR: Reducing the Risk of “Anywhere Work”

Cloud-enabled anywhere work has been a boon to businesses of all sizes — improving productivity and, frankly, keeping companies up and running during COVID. It’s also been a bonanza for […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep.16: How to Unlock End-to-End Security with Open XDR

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep.15: The Case for Managed Security Services

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll discuss the case for managed security services.

Cybersecurity Simplified-Ep.14: Why It’s Time for a Patch Management Makeover

Fixing software bugs is critical to keeping bad actors out. It’s a continuous process called Patch Management. While its purpose is to keep systems up to date, the practice itself […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 13: Is the Risk of Ransomware too High for Cyber Insurance?

Recently, some cyber insurance companies have switched sides in the debate, refusing to reimburse ransomware payments to cybercriminals. In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll discuss this trend and what […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 12: Ransomware is Booming – What Businesses Need to Know

You see it in the headlines every day— ransomware attacks disrupting businesses and the economy in a broader sense.  2020 was a bad year for ransomware attacks. 2021 is already […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Ep.11: The New Hybrid Workplace is the Next Security Headache

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll discuss why the New Hybrid Workplace is the Next Security Headache and what to do about it.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode10: Cybersecurity is Not Just an IT Problem, It’s a Business Problem

 Cybersecurity is an IT issue, to be managed by the IT department. Right?  Our guest on Cybersecurity Simplified, Mark Porter, CEO at High Wire Networks, will explain that’s only half […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 9: Automation: The Secret to Responding to Cyberthreats

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ve invited a Security Operations expert to tell us how automation is the new weapon in the war on cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 8: Breaking Down the SolarWinds Security Breach

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll get past the headlines and break down the SolarWinds Security breach.  

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 7: Why is Cybercrime Surging in the Coronaverse?

 In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about cybercrime, the increased risk of remote work and what you can do to minimize it.  

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 6: Accessories to Cybercrime a.k.a. Your Team

Believe it or not – your employees are the primary accessories to cybercrime. In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about how your employees are unwittingly putting your business […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 5: Cybersecurity’s Most Wanted List

Cybersecurity is designed to stop or mitigate the fallout of cyberattacks. If it sounds like war, that’s because it is – only this one is 24/7 and the enemy is […]

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 4: The Nerd in the Basement and Other Myths About Hackers

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll talk about who we’re actually up against in the fight against cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 3: The Newest Weapon in the War on Cybercrime- XDR

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll introduce you to the newest weapon in the war against cybercrime — Extended Detection & Response, or XDR.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 2: What is a Security Operations Center & Why Do I Need One?

In this episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’ll explain what a 24/7  Security Operations Center is and why you need one.

Cybersecurity Simplified – Episode 1: What Exactly is Cybersecurity, Anyway?

In this premiere episode of Cybersecurity Simplified, we’re going to tackle the foundational question: What is Cybersecurity?

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