What’s next for network security? Who better to ask than the expert who’s helped define the space since 1985?

Our next guest started his career developing security solutions at Bell Labs and later became the first CISO for AT&T and the second person in history to carry the title.

Along the way, he’s consulted four presidential administrations and served as a professor of cybersecurity at John Hopkins, Stevens Institute of Technology and NYU.

Today, he’s CEO of TAG Cyber, which provides cybersecurity research and advisory “as a service.”

Stay tuned as we talk all things network security with the OG CISO, Ed Amoroso.


Meet the Expert

Ed Amoroso, CEO at TAG Cyber

Dr. Ed Amoroso is CEO of TAG Cyber. An NYU professor and former AT&T executive, Ed started TAG Cyber in 2016 to democratize research and advisory services and unleash his inner entrepreneur. Business Insider tapped him as one of the country’s 50 leaders “who helped lead the cyber security industry.”

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