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Overwatch NOC is a managed network operations center (NOC) solution for VARs, Systems Integrators, MSPs, MSSPs, telecom agents, IT consultants and their customers.

Overwatch NOC Services deliver 24/7 managed network operation center solutions that take advantage of the latest advances in observability, AI and machine learning. Plus, they integrate seamlessly with managed SOC services and the ‘top of stack’ next gen security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) tool from the team behind Overwatch cybersecurity solutions.

What is a Network Operations Center (NOC)?

A network operations center (NOC) is a central location where network administrators manage, monitor and troubleshoot networked systems. NOCs house servers and storage devices as well as network equipment (e.g., routers, switches, firewalls, etc.). NOCs may also include monitoring software and other tools used in network management.

In some organizations, NOC operations are also responsible for tasks such as:
managing user network access
providing network-related customer support
performing other tasks related to network operations

What are NOC Services?

NOC services, sometimes referred to as “managed NOC services” or “NOC-as-a-service,” deliver expert IT and network support on an outsourced basis to help businesses manage their networks more effectively.

NOC Service Benefits

Managed NOC services deliver substantial cost and efficiency benefits for IT departments and the organizations they serve, including:
improvements in network performance and management
reduced time and money spent on network management
peace of mind gained from round-the-clock, expert monitoring and support
relief for stretched IT teams and resources

Overwatch NOC Services for MSPs and MSSPs

Overwatch NOC is a unified observability platform from High Wire Networks that offers comprehensive visibility and problem resolution for our partners — VARs, MSPs and MSSPs, telecom agents, IT consultants – and their customers across hybrid cloud and multicloud infrastructure, networks, clouds, containers and applications.

Overwatch NOC Services Features & Benefits

Overwatch NOC services deliver cutting-edge technology and support that our partners rely on to reduce headaches, free up valuable personnel for higher-value initiatives, and ensure smooth network operations.

24/7 NOC Monitoring

Rest assured with round-the-clock detection and response from AI-aided security experts.

Real-time Rapid Response

Realize best-in-class resolution times with instant responses to network issues

World-Class Talent

Gain instant access to Tier-1 and Tier-2 network analysts from High Wire Networks.

Global Coverage

Worldwide availability give you the services, talent and coverage you need where you need it.

Partner Customized

Leverage your own runbooks for highly customized and precise mitigation and remediation.

AI and ML Enhanced

Identify problems faster, make management easier and power superior event monitoring and response with SOAR.

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Overwatch NOC Services + Managed SOC

In today’s cyberthreat environment, managed network operations center (NOC) and security operations center (SOC) services are more robust than either solution on its own. Having NOC tools on servers increases disc-level encryption, and SOC security delivers 360 visibility, early warning, and fast incident isolation and remediation.

Working with High Wire empowers our network-oriented and cybersecurity partners with instant, high-value differentiation from their competitors. Combining SOAR-powered Overwatch SOC and NOC delivers a powerful, single-source solution that helps:

Network teams ensure networks are up, running and stable
Security teams meet confidentiality and data security needs
High Wire partners build and expand and cross-pollinate their practices in each area through an affordable outsourced solution


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The terms “managed” and “outsourced” NOC services are interchangeable for all practical purposes. There may be some instances in which usage of the terms differs somewhat in scope, with “managed NOC” referring to comprehensive outsourcing and “outsourced NOC” referring to outsourced components (e.g., setup, monitoring or support). Still, those cases are more the exception than the rule and are determined by how a provider defines and markets its services.
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A security operations center (SOC) focuses on security and is responsible for identifying and investigating cyberthreats and responding to and mitigating cyberattacks. A network operations center (NOC) focuses on network operations and is responsible for network monitoring, maintenance and optimization. SOCs and NOCs are complementary in that they ensure optimal network performance while securing network assets and infrastructure.

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