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MSPs, Build Trust by Solving Clients’ Biggest Business Problem: Security

MSP Today Q&A with High Wire Networks’ CEO Mark Porter Security is a business problem, not a technology problem, said High Wire Networks’ CEO Mark Porter in an interview with Erik Linasek, Editor of MSP Today.  He adds, that this is true both for MSPs and their clients. Security is no longer optional, said Porter, […]

High Wire Networks Introduces Overwatch 24/7 as Cornerstone for Overwatch Managed Security Platform as a Service

Solution Goes Beyond SIEM, Combining XDR Technology & 24/7 Security Operations Center as a Service to MSPs and Their Clients High Wire Networks a leading global technical field, professional and cybersecurity services company, today at MSP Expo introduced Overwatch 24/7, the cornerstone of the Overwatch Managed Security Platform as a Service. Overwatch 24/7 combines X […]

Experience a Cyberattack & Response in a Real Time Simulation

MSPs, IT and Business Leaders Invited to Half-Day Event Demonstrating Step-by-Step Incident Detection & Response High Wire Networks, a leading global technical field, professional and cybersecurity services company, announced today that the company will be holding a cyberattack incident response simulation event at their headquarters in Batavia, a Western suburb of Chicago, on March 19. […]

Public Agency Centralizes Security with a New Security Operations Center

A state government agency based in the Northeast wanted to ensure the tightest security posture in light of recent cyber-ransom attacks on cities, but it needed a security operations center (SOC) that would consolidate multiple applications and respond automatically to threats. [Overwatch’s XDR Partner] formed the basis of a new SOC that delivers comprehensive security […]

High Wire Finishes National Large-Scale IT Update at Accelerated Pace

On behalf of a large VAR partner, High Wire Networks successfully deployed an end customer’s newly acquired competitors’ IT system into their own at more than a hundred sites across the U.S. in 8 weeks. High Wire was able to accomplish this quick turnaround because of its seasoned project managers and solutions architects, agile support specialists […]

Simplify Compliance with New York’s SHIELD Act

Overwatch Managed Security Checks All the Boxes The state of New York is tightening up data privacy and security rules with the SHIELD Act, which takes effect on March 21, 2020. The new rules have far-reaching-effects since any organization that holds private information about a New York resident is required to comply – even if […]

What Can We Do About the Cyber-Workforce Crisis?

The cybersecurity workforce shortage is not hypothetical: According to the ISC(2) cyber-certification group, the size of the current workforce leaves a significant gap between the number of cybersecurity professionals working in the field (around 800,000 in the U.S.) and the number needed to keep organizations safe. “In the U.S., the cybersecurity workforce gap is nearly […]

Privacy Laws in 2020: What to Watch For

As we head into 2020, the debate over what tech giants do with private consumer information has reached an all-time high. As a result, new laws will fundamentally change how all companies handle customer data. Much of the legislative movement has come in the wake of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal wherein the social network allowed […]

The Key to Managing Millennials and Baby Boomers

Guest Blogger: Josh Bode, High Wire Intern How can managers be more effective with employees across generations and best communicate with those from different backgrounds and generations? It is a common challenge today in the workplace that has managers scratching their heads wondering how best to approach the next generation of workers. “Be kind, don’t […]

2020’s “Most Wanted” Cybercrimes: Top 5 Security Threats to Watch Out for in the New Year

Crime never sleeps – but it evolves. After a year marked ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) fraud and an increase in targeted attacks against companies of all sizes, 2020 has racked up a sizable list of cyberthreats to keep an eye on. Here is our list of the 2020’s Top 5 “Most Wanted” Cyberthreats: Mobile […]

High Wire Networks Names Charles Hughes as COO

20-year Operations Management Veteran Joins Leading Global Technical Services Firm CHICAGO – December 6, 2019 – High Wire Networks, a leading global technical field, professional and cybersecurity services company, announced today that Charles Hughes, an operations management and service delivery expert with more than 20 years of executive experience, has joined the company as Chief […]

Does Your IT Staff Suffer from Patch Fatigue? And What You Can Do About It

As the number of vulnerabilities found in software hits an all-time high, security teams are struggling with keeping on top of the patching process – i.e., updating software to apply the latest security fixes. In fact, last year, a whopping 16,500 vulnerabilities were reported in everything from Microsoft Office to operating systems to obscure, vertical-specific […]

6 Things You Should Know About XDR

XDR is the new kid on the security block. And, it’s stealing all the attention from the popular, but older EDR. Before you start feeling bad about EDR’s fall from grace, keep in mind it’s the OG and deserves our respect. That’s because XDR is building on EDR’s hard-won reputation. Without EDR, there’d be no […]

High Wire Networks Taps Managed Security Veteran to Enable Channel Partners to Deliver Overwatch Cybersecurity Services

[Jeremy Cullen to Leverage Overwatch’s Streamlined Quoting and Onboarding Processes to Engineer Cybersecurity Solutions for MSPs and Their Clients] CHICAGO – October 24, 2019 – High Wire Networks, providers of the Overwatch Managed Security Platform-as-a-Service, announced today that managed security veteran Jeremy Cullen has joined the company as a channel enablement specialist for Overwatch solution. […]

Overwatch Security Guide

Beware! The IRS may not be the IRS

By: Nick Pratt (Overwatch Security Analyst) and Ben Weerts (Overwatch Inside Sales/Marketing) As we approach the October 15 extension deadline, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is alerting taxpayers about a new email phishing scam. A spoofed IRS.gov link has led taxpayers to a bogus web page where they have been prompted to download malware. The […]

High Wire Networks Hires Veteran CISO to Lead Overwatch Managed Security Platform-as-a-Service

[Philip Burnett’s Leadership Fortifies MSSP’s Position as Trusted Authority in Cybersecurity for Sales Partners and Their Business Clients]  CHICAGO – September 25, 2019 –High Wire Networks, providers of the Overwatch Managed Security Platform-as-a-Service, announced today that IT security veteran Philip Burnett has joined the company as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Burnett brings two decades […]

High Wire Networks Adds Strategic International Partner to Offer Cybersecurity Outside of the U.S.

West Sealand Digital to Sell the Overwatch Managed Security Platform-as-a-Service to SMBs in EMEA Countries  CHICAGO & GUERNSEY – September 17, 2019 – High Wire Networks, a leading provider of managed security services based in Chicago, entered into a strategic partnership with West Sealand Digital (WSD), a managed security service provider (MSSP) based in Guernsey, […]

High Wire Networks’ Ed Kelly reunites with daughter in Hurricane Dorian aftermath

Ed Kelly and his wife Tami just returned from a week-long trip to Nassau, Bahamas where they reunited with their daughter Tara, who was on the island during Hurricane Dorian. Kelly, a service delivery manager for High Wire’s Overwatch Managed Security, says his daughter lost power for two days and had flooding near her home […]

ChannelPro Network Interviews Overwatch

Joel Zaidspiner from The ChannelPro Network met with the Overwatch Managed Security team last month at ChannelCon by CompTIA  in Las Vegas.  He sat down with Josue Vargas, Overwatch’s Director of Security Operations.  Why attend CompTIA and what makes Overwatch a great product for MSPs and VARs in the IT channel?  High Wire Networks has been around for […]

High Wire completes “rack and stack” at 800+ rural sites

The customer sites weren’t a hop, skip and jump away. Getting there required more than just a flight and rental car. High Wire field engineers, with the coordination of veteran project managers, navigated rough terrain, unpaved roads, and steep mountains to reach their destinations, totaling more than 800 locations. The impressive team worked tirelessly to […]

Overwatch Simplifies Cybersecurity

Overwatch Managed Security, High Wire’s security service, attended CompTIA’s annual convention, ChannelCon, August 5-7, 2019, in Las Vegas.  Josue Vargas, the Director of Security Operations, was featured on a podcast hosted by Don Witt from the Channel Daily News.  Here’s an excerpt of the interview.  How is High Wire Network’s relationship with CompTIA and what are some of the reasons why you attended Channelcon recently?   It’s all […]

High Wire Networks’ Certified Ethical Hacker to Address State of Cybersecurity at ChannelCon 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE High Wire Networks’ Certified Ethical Hacker to Address State of Cybersecurity at ChannelCon 2019 Josue Vargas, Director of Security Operations, to Discuss the Challenge of Making Enterprise-class Cybersecurity Accessible to Businesses of All Sizes CHICAGO & LAS VEGAS – Aug. 5, 2019 – High Wire Networks, providers of the Overwatch Security Platform-as-a-Service, […]

Overwatch SOC Bolsters Security for Technology Customer

The Overwatch Protection:   Overwatch Security Analysts, monitoring a customer’s network, last month, discovered cybercriminals attempting to log-in to their web portal, using a brute force attack. Overwatch advised the company to strengthen employees’ passwords, remove dormant accounts and block traffic coming to and from specific IPs and regions. The customer identified security holes and […]

High Wire Wellness Day

By: Susanna Song Here at High Wire Networks, Get Work Done, is a common mantra we use. The three words are even plastered across one of our office walls. That mantra is why our partners have trusted us for nearly 20 years- we take the complexity out of service delivery. We provide the right people, […]

4 Steps to Effective IT Security Marketing

4 Steps to Effective IT Security Marketing If there is one advantage marketing IT security products, it is that you and your audience start from the shared perspective that taking steps to ensure the security of their networks and the data on them is important. As helpful as it is to have that common value, […]

5 Signs that your End-Users Need a Security Service Boost

In business today, digital security is one of the most important functions that any IT department is responsible for, and the weight of that responsibility is only growing over time. However, your end-users might not know if an element of their IT services operation needs an overhaul until something goes wrong. If you want to […]

2019 Security Trends, and How they Affect your Customers

In the wake of the surprisingly high volume of serious data breaches that hit businesses of all sizes (and impacted millions of consumers) last year, information security practices are already undergoing even closer scrutiny as many companies review their business priorities in 2019 and beyond.   Industry trend-watchers are already beginning to consider what this […]

How to Market MDR Services to End- Users and Make it Click

If the key to resonating with your intended audience can be boiled down to any one consideration, it is that you as a reseller have to be able to see things from your perspective (and current) customers’ perspective. This might sound obvious, but when there is misalignment between how you see their needs and how […]

High Wire Networks embraces global demand in latest expansion

High Wire Networks announced the addition of twelve highly skilled networking and wireless engineers based in the United Kingdom and Europe to deploy solutions for international programs and customer sites, underscoring High Wire’s commitment to delivering global field services on behalf of its partners. High Wire’s newest international team members include a program manager, two […]

High Wire Networks upgrades 60K phones at 6,500+ sites in just over 100 days

High Wire Networks recently completed a major SIP phone replacement project across the U.S. that required nearly one-hundred site visits per night. The team of project managers, technicians and help desk providers at High Wire delivered a multi-million-dollar voice collaboration update for a partner whose customer is a global financial institution. The partner leveraged High […]

Overwatch: MSSP Partner of the Year

High Wire Networks’ Overwatch Managed Security was awarded and named “Master MSSP Partner of the Year” at Seceon, Inc.’s  annual SecuRight Global Partners and Customers Summit in Devens, Massachussets. “We love our partnership with the High Wire Networks. They are extremely professional and passionate, empowering managed service providers with advocacy and experience coupled with solid […]

BLOG: Why you don’t want to miss this webinar

By: Stan Herring, Director of Product & Strategy I’m excited about the seminar because it’s an opportunity to share with our Partners in the managed security space, information based on observations from working with thousands of their customers each year. It is evident that the point solution approach to managed security has failed the service […]

WEBINAR: A New Paradigm for Service Providers

Join us on March 21st at 1:00pm CST Subject matter experts from High Wire’s Networks’ Overwatch Managed Security Services & Seceon, Inc., developers of the aiSIEM Platform, will discuss these important security topics: The Changing Security Paradigm A.I., Machine Learning & Behavioral Analysis – Your Competitive Edge Holistic Approach to Managed Security Webinar Registration Sign-up […]

Overwatch Partners with Next Gen. Cloud VPN

High Wire Networks’ Overwatch Managed Security bolsters its holistic security platform, announcing today it now offers a business class, cloud-based VPN service designed to simplify and securely connect employees to cloud-based SaaS and internal network resources. Under the management of the Overwatch team, customers will receive solid security, high reliability and speed for secure remote […]

High Wire Networks Powers up the “Nitro Brews”

High Wire Network’s long-standing customer who specializes in the retail space recently secured their first project with a large global coffee chain and brought our team in to complete the job. The project entailed providing electrical outlets to power new nitrogen infusion machines in over 100 locations across the Northeast and Midwest in a matter […]

Local Company Remodels Historic Swedish Covenant Church

Batavia, IL – January 28, 2019– High Wire Networks Inc revealed their newly renovated office space, located at the corner of Lincoln and Houston in downtown Batavia, at their Ribbon Cutting last week. High Wire Networks, a firm that enables next-generation technology for companies in 180 countries, has experienced rapid growth, requiring the need for […]

The ultimate guide to marketing and selling security services

There is nothing more important than a first impression, and in business, your first impression is usually made through marketing, long before you and a potential customer ever meet face to face. We have put together this guide to help you think through the ins and outs of both marketing your services and making the […]

The difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence in your security platform

When one thinks of artificial intelligence or machine learning, the first place people often go to is science fiction–sentient computers, murderous robots, that kind of thing. They’re both very large subjects of study and discovery going back decades. There are whole disciplines devoted to developing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. There are hundreds of […]

The 6 Key Ingredients that Make a High-Performance SOCaaS Solution

It seems like hardly a week goes by without another high-profile data breach making the headlines. Not even data fortresses like Facebook seem to be safe, proving that even industry leaders make slip-ups that can lead to severe security compromises. With a boom in device presence on enterprise networks and a continued inadequacy of endpoint […]

The core components of a proper cybersecurity offering for MSPs

While today’s technological advances have certainly facilitated the way many industries do business both locally and globally, it has also paved the way for cybercriminals to exploit weaknesses in the current systems, subsequently causing widespread security breaches or wreaking havoc on a company’s network. MSPs in particular need to be extra vigilant in their cybersecurity […]

Giving our building some TLC [New images]

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Susanna Song “Just giving this old building some love,” shouted the mason standing on a scissor lift several feet above me, as he smeared mortar in the joints between the bricks, repeatedly. The sun beamed down on his head as he went about this tedious project. My eyes couldn’t […]

High Wire Makeover Update

Posted on August 30, 2018 by Susanna Song I can hear the thumping of footsteps above me, as I sit in the basement office. It’s hardly a distraction when you know your Company’s headquarters will triple in size. It’s part of my routine when I arrive in the morning and leave at the end of […]

High Wire Deploys Cloud-based Video Rooms For Global Clothing Brand

Posted on August 14, 2018 by Susanna Song High Wire finished installing state of the art cloud-based video rooms at the headquarters of an American clothing retailer. High Wire installed our client’s turn-key solution for global video conferencing — scalable for room size and occupancy and delivered in a cost-effective and expedient package. Our project […]

Bring on the Paint

Posted on August 01, 2018 by Susanna Song Our second and third floor renovations are well underway. Currently, contractors are painting the walls. You can’t miss the bold, red accent wall in the back conference room. It’s the High Wire red! We’ve received a lot of nice feedback from our customers and colleagues. We are […]

Pedicabbers Bike for Multiple Scleroris

Posted on June 28, 2018 by Vince Zobel (Vince Zobel is an infrastructure specialist at High Wire Networks.) My son, Dylan, is preparing for a 150 mile bike ride from Boston to Cape Cod to bring awareness to MS. Hope you will support him and help raise money for MS. http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?px=13367051&fr_id=29299&pg=personal Since the dawn of […]

Security operations center: Build or outsource?

Modern IT security teams have a challenging job, with a constantly evolving threat landscape, and the realization that only a single cyber attack has to be successful to have a devastating effect on any company. While this is true, many organizations are strapped for sufficient resources – especially when it comes to training and keeping […]

October is National Cybersecurity Month. So What?

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Susanna Song If you’re wondering, so what? Keep reading. There’s a reason why cybersecurity is no longer just a flashy headline or idea. Your SME clients need greater security measures Seize the opportunity to increase your bottom line in a booming cybersecurity market Don’t start from scratch and build your own security […]

Cyberattack: Criminals may already be inside your network

Posted on October 09, 2018 by Stan Herring, Director of Product & Strategy As a savvy IT manager, you’ve methodically researched and deployed the very latest in firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint solutions to keep intruders out of your infrastructure. Perimeter defenses are good, but they are not enough in today’s cyber world. We […]

Overwatch Managed Endpoint Security Partner, Sophos, Named to Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant

For the seventh year in a row, High Wire Network’s managed endpoint security partner, Sophos, is a recognized Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Overwatch’s platform offers channel partners wholesale managed Sophos Advanced Endpoint Security with Intercept X for resell by MSPs, VARs, and Telecoms.  Overwatch and Sophos, together, provide our channel partners a best-of-breed solution […]

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