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Overwatch Managed EDR Stops Malware from Propagating in Multiple End Client Environments

Just two letters separate the words managed versus un-managed endpoint detection and response (EDR). Yet, for IT and managed service providers (MSPs), the distinction can often be the difference between surviving or going out of business. We recently onboarded an Overwatch MSP partner who brought us several end clients for Overwatch Managed EDR. The MSP […]

Network Cabling

High Wire Wins $5 Million Multi-Site, Multi-Tech Rollout for Global Systems Integrator

More Than 1,000 Stores Will Undergo Technology Refresh to Improve Wi-Fi High Wire Networks Inc. (the “Company” or “High Wire”) (OTCQB: HWNI), announced today High Wire won a $5 million technology deployment project that will span across the U.S and U.S. territories. High Wire will deliver wireless solutions including predictive surveys, and network cabling solutions […]

Cybersecurity Partner Success

A Cybersecurity Partner Who Delivers Defense and Care-in-Depth

High Wire VP of Marketing Susanna Song Interviews Layer 7 Systems CEO Cory Russell Why did Layer 7 search for a managed cybersecurity partner? Our tools were not going to cut it– to protect our business and clients from ransomware, nefarious actors and various email phishing schemes. We landed on an endpoint detection and response […]

Electrical Services for Food and Beverage Corporation

Electrical Services for Global Beverage and Snack Corporation

High Wire Powers Global Beverage Corporation High Wire is delivering electrical services to several large distribution centers in a multi-year program for a global food, beverage and snack corporation. The project is part of a network upgrade across the country, in which High Wire electricians power equipment for the customer’s network. Our electricians spend two […]

Overwatch Cybersecurity

Overwatch 24/7 Stops Apache Log4j Exploit for a Financial Institution

Log4j, a vulnerability in the Java-based software, allows attackers to execute code remotely on a targeted computer and steal data, install malware or take control.  The head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) calls the exploit “one of the most serious flaws” in the software and could have widespread […]

Crypto Mining Malware

Overwatch Managed EDR Shuts Down Crypto Mining Malware on Client’s Network

Earlier this month, Overwatch security analysts received an alert on a new client’s network.  The 24/7 security operations center had recently deployed the Overwatch Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution when the incident occurred. Overwatch by High Wire Networks discovered 22 of the client’s machines were running crypto mining malware. Immediately, the EDR solution […]

What’s the Best Security Strategy – Build or Buy? MSP Partner Testimonial

Network Services

High Wire Wins $3.5 Million Technology Solutions Contract for Tier One Network Service Provider

Network Expansion Project Ramps Up Through Fourth Quarter and Into Next Year High Wire Networks Inc.’s (the “Company” or “High Wire”) (OTCQB: SGSI) today announced it won a $3.5 million contract for a national communications service provider to deploy network solutions at thousands of locations across the country. “As I shared in our quarterly results […]

High Wire Networks Wins Multimillion-Dollar Technology Solutions Contract for Tier One Network Services Provider

Estimated Contract Value of Up to $7 Million to Deploy Next-gen Fiber Network Across the U.S. High Wire Networks Inc.’s (the “Company” or “High Wire”) (OTCQB: SGSI) today announced it will begin a next-generation fiber network deployment across the country for a national  Communication Services Provider. The value of the contract is estimated to be […]

Another Way Overwatch MSP Partners Are Becoming Relevant Trusted Security Advisors

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High Wire Delivers $1.3 Million Purpose-built Networking Solution for Global Manufacturer Across U.S.

By Thomas Stuttle   High Wire Networks is working with a partner to provide $1.28M in networking solutions, wireless surveys, and infrastructure services for a global manufacturer at four locations: Illinois, Nevada, California and North Carolina. At each site, High Wire deploys a wireless survey and physical site survey and installs access points. The customer […]

Electrical Services for Packaging Company

High Wire Networks Wins $1.3 Million Electrical Services Deal for National Commercial Packaging Company’s New Headquarters

High Wire Gets Started on 3rd Multimillion Dollar Electrical Project for the Year High Wire Networks Inc. has been awarded a $1.28M electrical contract for a new 170,000-square-foot production facility and office in Southern Wisconsin, centralized between the Chicago and Milwaukee metro areas. High Wire will install 1,100 light fixtures, a new 2,000 amps electrical […]

Managed Garbage and Recycling Services

High Wire Networks Wins $1.3 Million Managed Services and Maintenance Program for National Garbage and Recycling Services Company

Value-added Reseller Leverages High Wire’s 15,000 Field Technicians for Network Support at Customer Sites Across North America Spectrum Global Solutions Inc. (the “Company” or “Spectrum”) (OTCQB: SGSI), announced today that High Wire Networks Inc. (“High Wire”) has been awarded a  managed services and maintenance contract to centralize all network and desktop support at 1,240 sites across […]

Family Entertainment Restaurant

High Wire Delivers Networking Solutions at 400 Sites in 3 Months for National Restaurant Chain

High Wire Networks recently jumped in to help a new value-added reseller (VAR) partner who needed to replace a failing contractor in the middle of a Meraki rollout at a chain of American family entertainment center restaurants.  High Wire took control of the project and made critical improvements to make sure we met the needs […]

electrical project

High Wire Networks Wins $1.6M Contract for Global Online Retailer

Company Continues to See Year Over Year Sales Growth Spectrum Global Solutions Inc. (the “Company” or “Spectrum”) (OTCQB: SGSI), announced today that High Wire Networks Inc. (“High Wire”) has been awarded a $1.6 million electrical contract for a new 138,000-square-foot distribution center in Indianapolis, Ind., less than six months after delivering electrical services for a nearly $3 […]

High Wire Networks Deploys Nearly 2,100 Mask Detecting Cameras for Major Healthcare Company

An integrated healthcare company recently approached a High Wire value-added reseller (VAR) partner, requesting the installation of multiple mask detecting cameras at each of its nursing homes and assisted living facilities, to adhere to CDC guidelines. Our VAR partner immediately leveraged High Wire for the large national rollout. Our High Wire Global Command Center services […]

High Wire networks

High Wire Networks Wins $2.8M Contract for Global Online Retailer

High Wire to Deliver Power and Fire Alarm Infrastructure for New 150,000-Square-Foot Distribution Center with Robotic Technology in Chicago Spectrum Global Solutions Inc. (the “Company” or “Spectrum”) (OTCQB: SGSI), announced today that High Wire Networks Inc. (“High Wire”) has been awarded a $2.8 million electrical contract for a new 150,000-square-foot distribution center in Winfield, Ill., […]

Reap What You Sow

High Wire continues to deliver networking and infrastructure solutions across the U.S., despite challenges brought on by the pandemic. Recently, a strategic valued-added reseller (VAR) partner asked High Wire to deploy technical field services at 600 government offices. This was a testament of the quality of services High Wire delivered to the same customer in […]

Overwatch Security 24/7 Spares Client from Ransomware

Overwatch Security 24/7 Monitoring and Response alerts the client about the malicious attack. A Managed Services Provider (MSP) out of California, whose network is monitored by the Overwatch Security Operations Center (SOC) based out of Batavia, Illinois, is open and in business today—and not recovering from a ransomware attack –  due to Overwatch’s comprehensive cybersecurity […]

Overwatch Intelligence Video Surveillance (iVS) Detect and Respond Leads to Arrests in Attempted Burglary at Storage Facility

Nathan Shankland’s eyes were glued to his computer screen as he monitored video feeds from six hidden cameras surveilling a storage facility in Memphis, Tennessee.  Shankland recalls the time was 3:13 a.m. CDT on September 25 when Overwatch Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution (iVS) detected motion on the property. The management console, which leverages real-time artificial […]

High Wire Networks Expands White Glove Technical Field Services Across 6 Continents and 27 Countries

Enterprise Services Program Quintuples Revenue in One Year While Serving Big Tech Companies on Behalf of Strategic VAR Partner High Wire Networks Enterprise Services program is gaining momentum and projected to deliver services at more than 1,500 sites across the globe in 2020, spanning 27 countries in six continents. High Wire Networks Enterprise Services team […]

A New School Year Amid COVID-19 Means “Thinking Beyond the Bus”

Partners Seek High Wire Networks’ Wireless Networking Solutions to Install 5G Internet on Buses For eLearning As the 2020-21 school year is underway, many school districts are offering eLearning or virtual academy learning as an option for students. However, the biggest challenge around eLearning for millions of children in the U.S. is a lack of […]

ZTRA Securely Allows Over 5,000 3rd Party Users Inside Network

One of the largest private banks in Turkey leveraged ZTRA. The financial institution gives 3rd party organizations and users access to its resources. This situation poses a great risk for the bank. It has more than 5,000 3rd party users and more than 20,000 employees, and has struggled to manage device access. How ZTRA Minimized […]

ZTRA Secures 300 Educational Institutions in 40 Countries in One Day

Challenge/Opportunity: More than 10,000 instructors employed under an educational foundation have access to critical portals where they enter their students’ grades, status, annual plans and tasks. This wide access creates many security problems not only for teachers across the globe in 40 countries, but also for schools’ and students’ data privacy. Solution: Overwatch Zero Trust […]

Cabling Solutions in South Korea

A chemical management solutions provider trusted High Wire’s cabling expertise for AP conduit installation in three of their campus warehouses near Seoul, South Korea. Our international engineers successfully installed Cat6 infrastructure for voice, data, security and WiFi. Underground cabling provided the fiber backbone to connect all five of their buildings. In addition, High Wire deployed […]

Aviation Training and Safety

High Wire delivered a wireless network solution for a world leader in professional aviation training and simulation systems. Our team traveled to their facilities in Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, France and England to update their wireless to produce a more secure and reliable network. The engineers paid dozens of visits per site to successfully roll […]

WiFi Predictive Surveys & 1,500 AP Installs Completed in Six Weeks

The idiom “time is of the essence” took on new meaning at the start of the new year. High Wire Networks (HWN) was tasked by a new client, a value added reseller partner, to deploy WiFi solutions for a national auto body shop: to conduct physical site and WiFi predictive surveys and to install access […]

Impressive Eleven Hundred Site Visits in Nine Months for SD WAN Rollout

High Wire Networks (HWN) wasted no time on behalf of a multimillion-dollar value-added reseller partner, to install new firewalls and switches and replace access points for a garbage and recycling services company, The VAR leveraged High Wire Networks for a rack-and-stack install at 800+ locations across North America in a 41-week period. At each location, […]

High Wire Installs UPS Systems

With modern enterprise businesses’ reliance on information technology, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are critical to ensuring a seamless continuation of business operations in the event of power failures. High Wire Networks’ channel partner leveraged HWN’s electrical, technical and Project Management expertise and streamlined processes to replace obsolete legacy UPS systems for a large mutual […]

Public Agency Centralizes Security with a New Security Operations Center

A state government agency based in the Northeast wanted to ensure the tightest security posture in light of recent cyber-ransom attacks on cities, but it needed a security operations center (SOC) that would consolidate multiple applications and respond automatically to threats. [Overwatch’s XDR Partner] formed the basis of a new SOC that delivers comprehensive security […]

High Wire Finishes National Large-Scale IT Update at Accelerated Pace

On behalf of a large VAR partner, High Wire Networks successfully deployed an end customer’s newly acquired competitors’ IT system into their own at more than a hundred sites across the U.S. in 8 weeks. High Wire was able to accomplish this quick turnaround because of its seasoned project managers and solutions architects, agile support specialists […]

High Wire Completes Network Upgrades at 800+ rural sites

The customer sites weren’t a hop, skip and jump away. Getting there required more than just a flight and rental car. High Wire field engineers, with the coordination of veteran project managers, navigated rough terrain, unpaved roads, and steep mountains to reach their destinations, totaling more than 800 locations. The impressive team worked tirelessly to […]

Overwatch SOC Bolsters Security for Technology Customer

The Overwatch Protection:   Overwatch Security Analysts, monitoring a customer’s network, last month, discovered cybercriminals attempting to log-in to their web portal, using a brute force attack. Overwatch advised the company to strengthen employees’ passwords, remove dormant accounts and block traffic coming to and from specific IPs and regions. The customer identified security holes and […]

High Wire Networks upgrades 60K phones at 6,500+ sites in just over 100 days

High Wire Networks recently completed a major SIP phone replacement project across the U.S. that required nearly one-hundred site visits per night. The team of project managers, technicians and help desk providers at High Wire delivered a multi-million-dollar voice collaboration update for a partner whose customer is a global financial institution. The partner leveraged High […]

High Wire Networks Powers up the “Nitro Brews”

High Wire Network’s long-standing customer who specializes in the retail space recently secured their first project with a large global coffee chain and brought our team in to complete the job. The project entailed providing electrical outlets to power new nitrogen infusion machines in over 100 locations across the Northeast and Midwest in a matter […]

High Wire Deploys Cloud-based Video Rooms For Global Clothing Brand

Posted on August 14, 2018 by Susanna Song High Wire finished installing state of the art cloud-based video rooms at the headquarters of an American clothing retailer. High Wire installed our client’s turn-key solution for global video conferencing — scalable for room size and occupancy and delivered in a cost-effective and expedient package. Our project […]

High Wire Wins Customer Accolade for Implementing Medical Technology at Top-ranked Healthcare System

A dedicated team of High Wire project managers and technicians installed dozens of innovative, high-tech medical carts, on behalf of a reseller partner, to provide physicians the ability to communicate with patients off-site, from a remote location. The medical carts required web cameras, touch screens, and central processing units with wireless that enable high speed […]

Winning Trust by Delivering Reliable and Innovative Services

Today, a U.S. distributor of automotive components is delivering quicker and enhanced services, due to the hardworking team of project managers and technicians at High Wire Networks. The initial project scope— cable remediation at 31 distribution facilities— quickly more than doubled in size. The end-user received an entirely new wireless infrastructure.  But it was indeed […]

High Wire Wins Multimillion-Dollar Voice Deployment Contract

BATAVIA, IL, August 21, 2018: High Wire Networks is pleased to announce it has been awarded a large-scale voice deployment program, installing new hardware at more than 5,000 locations throughout the U.S., for a global financial institution. The customer will also leverage High Wire’s 24x7x365 On-Demand Reactive services, to provide a remote technical support desk […]

Wireless Solutions for World Leader in Diesel Engine Manufacturing

One week ahead of its deadline, High Wire completed a wireless deployment at 84 locations across the U.S. and Canada, surpassing the customer’s expectations. High Wire removed and replaced wireless access points and power over Ethernet injectors (POE) at various warehouses and offices, to improve the manufacturer’s network and optimize business functionality. Prior to the […]

High Wire Sinks its Teeth into Cloud Communications Solution

High Wire Networks concludes a large voice deployment project at one of the country’s leading dental support organizations, installing cloud communications solutions at more than 600 dental offices across the U.S., and training on-site managers. The months-long deployment required extensive logistical coordination and top-notch customer service by High Wire’s project managers and field engineers. The […]

Catch of the day: 700 location seafood restaurant chain modernize phone services

High Wire Networks was selected for the deployment of a cloud based Unified Communications Solution to modernize communications at over 700 locations across the United States. Prior to this deployment, the restaurant chain relied on various telecom providers to operate the brand’s phone systems and communications networks. But it was important for them to streamline […]

Transparency and Simplicity At Your Fingertips

By Mark Porter, President and CEO As I prepare to represent High Wire Networks at Field Service USA 2018 this week, and compete against companies like Siemens Medical Technologies for the Most Innovative Approach to Delivery Service Award, I thought it would be important to share the message with you. While it is nice to […]

Delivering Services: On Time, On Budget

High Wire Networks spent the past six months implementing a network refresh or upgrade for a reputable autobody repair chain, on-site at more than a hundred locations nationwide. We not only delivered on time and on budget, but also received accolade for our outstanding customer service and professionalism. Our sales executive and project managers worked […]

Purpose-built, Customized Phone Migration and Upgrade for Global Financial Institution

High Wire is pleased to announce that yesterday we completed a voice cluster upgrade and migration in the EMEA region in over 70 countries at 80 different locations, each requiring two visits. The sites were heavily concentrated in the Middle East and Asia for a financial vertical client. This undertaking was led by our On […]

High Wire Completes 900 Site Fast Casual Restaurant Chain Rollout

High Wire Networks has successfully completed the rollout of a new Juniper switching infrastructure, new cabling infrastructure, and deployment of a cloud voice solution for a nationwide chain of over 900 fast casual restaurants.  

High Wire Networks Awarded $2.5 Million Deployment Contract

High Wire Networks was awarded a contract worth in excess of $2.5 million to deploy a complex networking solution for a worldwide financial institution. The work on this project is confined to the continental United States. This project will require a team of approximately 35 engineers and dedicated program management. The work is expected to […]

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